Like any trees clean the air ?

Like any trees clean the air ?
You will need:
  • consultation of an experienced botanist
  • Special literature
  • quality planting material
  • Proper planting
# 1

no secret that the ecological status of urban poor.Even if the village is no metallurgical and chemical plants, carbon monoxide poisoning at a constant regularity of the surrounding air.Only through the trees, we obtain oxygen and as a result continue to live.Crohn tree absorbs carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, produces pure oxygen.

# 2

Squares and parks not only decorate the city, but help clean the air by human waste, exhaust gases.Mean wood able to clear one day, an amount of oxygen that can breathe three.Some species of trees can absorb an amount of exhaust gas that is released when the vehicle mileage of 20 thousand kilometers.

# 3

as trees clean the air in cities?The dust raised by the wind, is delayed by the trees.1 ha of hardwood can hold up to 100 tons of dust and pine about 40 tons.These same properties lilac, rose and acacia trees that clea

n the air from industrial and exhaust.The parks dust is lower than on the avenues, about 40%.

# 4

Plants that form volatile, biologically active volatiles - suppress and kill the development and growth of harmful microorganisms.This is confirmed by the analysis of the presence of microbes in the parks and highways.The park areas humidity is 15-25% higher than in the busy streets.This is achieved by the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the sheet.For this reason, in the green zone easier to bear the summer heat.

# 5

Apart from acacia trees which purify the air of city streets?One of the best breeds of a poplar.It was he better than other trees to cope with the exhaust gases and air emissions of industrial enterprises.Along the busy highways can plant thuja, fir, spruce, juniper and lilac.They "like" dust.Linden is best planted away from the road, otherwise they may die.

# 6

Mediterranean plants Chlorophytum and myrtle wonderful clear air of pathogens.Eucalyptus essential oil is able to destroy the flu virus.Volatile can deliver, familiar to our streets birch, oak, poplar, willow.A pine and spruce will take care of clean air throughout the year.