How to calculate your biological age ?

How to calculate your biological age ?
You will need:
  • Calculator
  • handle
  • Paper
# 1

Biological age determines how our bodies become old.For men and women have an individual formula for the calculation of biological age.Talk in order.Formula biological age for males: Biological age = 26.985 + 0.215 x ADS (systolic blood pressure) - 0.149 x HFA (breath holding time) - 0.151 x SC (balancing) + 0.723 x POPs (health assessment).

# 2

formula for women a little different: -1.463 + 0.415 x ADP (pulse pressure) - 0.140 x 0.248 x SAT + MT (body weight) + 0.694 x unintentionally produced POPs.Walk more for each parameter to determine how to calculate the biological age.Td - blood pressure, which is measured three times on the right hand at an interval of 5 minutes.

# 3

You will turn 3 different result.We need a top position.Usually it is a number from 110 to 140. We take the lowest value of the three.For example, substitute the first of the formula 120. In the case of ADP, we need to lower the pressure on the contrary figure.A

nd we also take the lowest figure.

# 4

HFA also measured three times with the same interval.The formula is inserted into the greatest value.For example, we were able to hold their breath for 100 seconds.Balancing - is necessary for a time to stand up without shoes on his left leg and his hands to pull apart at the seams.The eyes should be closed.For example, we have held in this state 120 seconds.Body weight is calculated on ordinary scales.Weighed must be early in the morning.

# 5

POPs prepared special test consisting of 29 questions.This test can be found on the Internet.In general questions relating to the conduct of a healthy lifestyle, appearance and nutrition rights.Suppose we got 16 points.As a result, we obtain the following formulas: 26.985 + 0.215 x 120 - 120 x 0.149 - 0.151 x 0.723 x 120 + 16 = 26.985 + 25.8 - 17.88 - 18.12 + 11.568 = 28 (the biological age for men).

# 6

So we learned how to calculate your biological age.In addition, should be separately count the number of wrinkles on the face.For the presence of wrinkles in each of these parts of the face can accrue one year of life - the forehead, corners of the eyes, nose, mouth corners.A year of life can be added for double chin.