As the air affects health ?

As the air affects health ?
You will need:
  • Internet
  • Medical Reference
  • desire to learn something new
  • little free time
# 1

air is always around us, we give them breathewe walk in space, filled with air.And in many respects from the clean air, our health depends.Recently, life expectancy increases.And the most long-lived country in the world - Japan, which can not boast of clean air.

# 2

This gave many skeptics in the hands of the right to assert that the environmental conditions do not affect the life expectancy of people in general.Like, in the same Africa, where there are not a lot of air polluting industries, people rarely live to 50 years.And that, they say, is excellent proof of how the air affects health.

# 3

actually played an important role here is the development of medicine.Therefore, in countries such as Japan, USA, Germany people live very long.But here it is necessary to say a few words about the climate.The hot weather in Africa presupposes strong development of many infectious diseases.

# 4

At the same time it is necessary to recall the Caucasian highlanders, who were known since ancient times that lived to 100 years and more.But they have never been good medicine - the maximum was a health center.And the food did not shine diversity - lamb, unleavened bread, plain clean water.But at the same time, they are constantly breathing the fresh mountain air.

# 5

Thus, we can conclude that the effect of air on human health without a doubt.The more people live a clean place, the less it is prone to diseases.Statistically confirmed that people in rural areas suffer less from cardiovascular, cancer and dermatological diseases.That is, the air directly has a positive effect on human health.

# 6

It is also noticed that the lungs of people who live in the city, one and a half age twice as fast.This is not dependent on whether or not a person smokes.Today, in cities such variety of selections, that is absolutely indifferent in recent years - a person smokes or not.He still has to breathe air that is saturated with carbon dioxide, heavy metals and other harmful substances.