How does the pressure and temperature with height ?

How does the pressure and temperature with height ?
You will need:
  • Barometer Thermometer
  • Knowledge
# 1

To begin, consider the effect of altitude on the barometric pressure value.Atmospheric pressure - air pressure is all that is on earth.Measured atmospheric pressure barometer, and in the normal use of the information is read from it easily.The very same calculation is performed using a complex barometric formula.The formula reflects the change in pressure on the altitude.

# 2

average air pressure is one atmosphere.Normal atmospheric pressure is 760 mm Hg.Art.When climbing on the 12m air pressure decreases by 1 mm.Hg.Art.The following 12 meters to reduce the pressure by 1 mm.Hg.Art.And so with each successive rise.

# 3

How does the pressure with the altitude?The higher the terrain is above sea level, the lower the atmospheric pressure in this area.Accordingly, the value of the normal atmospheric pressure, in which people feel good, each has its own areas.Measure the height of the terrain special barometer - altimeter.It determ

ines the height of the terrain based on the atmospheric pressure reading.

# 4

Why air pressure change a person may feel bad?Because at any change in the atmosphere disrupted internal balance of a person.Particularly weather-sensitive people are, hypertensive patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, people who have experienced serious limb fractures.

# 5

atmospheric pressure increases with decreasing temperature.Day and night, morning and evening, the atmospheric pressure is different.Consider how the temperature varies with altitude.All measurements are related to the value of height repel "altitude above sea level."The air heated by the sun and the earth's surface.Warmed, it rises and expands, losing heat.So that with increasing altitude the temperature decreases.

# 6

Conversely, decreasing, the air becomes more dense, compressed, and this is heated.By reducing the temperature to 100 m falls to 1 degree.The average height of the beginning of the stratosphere 11 km.Therefore all temperature measurements in the atmosphere, carried out when - or scientists associated with the mark of less than 11 km away.