How to clean clothes at the dry cleaners ?

How to clean clothes at the dry cleaners ?
You will need:
  • Desire
  • Trust
  • Care
  • Contaminated things
# 1

When a contaminated items to the cleaners need to observe that the receptionist compulsorily tested withoutwhether in the pockets of any object, because to qualitatively clean clothes, you need to make sure that nothing will prevent future wash.In order to understand the principle of cleaning, feeding stuff will be the best way to do this.

# 2

Before giving your things should be checked, so that when viewed from the labeling receptionist told what the problem may be in the process of cleaning, and in the absence of labeling, it should offer the services for an additional contract.This fact is quite important becauseif the receptionist initially missed the moment, the answer for the preservation of the appearance of things will carry dry cleaning.

# 3

about how clean things in the dry cleaning can be initially interested in coming to the company, it's not today, purification methods, there are many.You can select one o

f them, ask the staff, what for this type of pollution will be the best.One of the most common methods that you can use a cleaning in perchlorethylene.

# 4

This substance is used as a solvent for cleaning of knitwear.It easily cleans the product from dirt and grease.However, this method can hardly be called gentle, sincetogether with the removal of stains, and possible loss of the original color of clothing.Another way, which is often used by modern dry-cleaning, cleaning is a hydrocarbon solvent.

# 5

choosing such a wash, you can be sure that the cleaning of things will be more secure.Knowing how the dry cleaning, and what methods it uses for cleaning, you can avoid many unpleasant situations.You can also choose to wet cleaning, which is also called "aqua-cleaning."By using this technique, the wash solvent serves things ordinary water, with added to it various detergents and additives.

# 6

It is this kind of treatment can be called gentle, because it is used to remove stains from the wedding dresses, prom dresses, and many other delicate items.At present, most cleaning companies have special machines for aqua-cleaning, because due to wet cleaning it is possible to clean a large assortment of various products.