As Genghis Khan died ?

As Genghis Khan died ?
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# 1

Going on the subjugation of the State Western Xia (the territory of present-day China), the great conqueror of much of the Asianthe continent of Europe and Genghis Khan dies unexpectedly at the end of August 1227.It is from this date the death of the famous conqueror agree most of the researchers.But the cause of death, there are several versions.According to the first version of Genghis Khan decided to conquer the country of Tangut.Like many people who have committed many robberies and murders, he was afraid of death.

# 2

Despite his aversion to all the scribes, he demanded to his famous Chinese sage and astrologer.During the campaign pundit said the Mongolian leader that several planets are in an undesirable position.Khan at the time was more than 60 years, and it did not differ excellent health.Superstitious fear made him think about the impending danger.Under the influence of a bad feeling about the great Mo

ngol army turned back home and fell ill on the way and died.

# 3

next version, died of Genghis Khan, the commander tells the story of the fall from his horse while hunting for wild horses.After this incident, an elderly Emperor fell ill, his entourage suggested to postpone the military campaign and go home, but Khan decided to continue the campaign.Already knowing that he was dying, he demanded that this no one knew until victory march.

# 4

According to Marco Polo (the famous Italian traveler in the Middle Ages spent a lot of time in Asia) in his book, he writes that Khan died as a result of wounds received from arrows.Another equally famous traveler in his book "History of the Mongols" claims that Khan was killed by a lightning strike.

# 5

Among the Mongols there is another version, he died of Genghis Khan.According to this legend of the great commander died of wounds made Tangut Hanshi.According to the legend has come down she bit the neck of Mongolia and thus damaged the carotid artery, Khan died from loss of blood.After the wedding night beautiful Coeur-beldishin Khatun struck a treacherous blow at the instigation of the Tangut king Shidurho-Hagan.Devious and cunning king had sent it to the Khan for this purpose.

# 6

The difficulty in determining the true cause of death of the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan lies in the fact that it was launched several versions of his death, and this makes it almost impossible to determine the true cause.Also, do not allow it to make secrecy burial.