How to become a fairy of the Sun ?

How to become a fairy of the Sun ?
You will need:
  • Done at noon ritual
  • Magic sunny drink
  • Orange fresh juice
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
# 1

Fairies - are small creatures, endowed with specialmagical powers with which they are doing good deeds, help people.By their nature, they are kind and friendly and eager to establish contacts with people.Most often, the fairies can be seen in the dark, sometimes they help convert all chores while people are sleeping.And they can cause when their assistance is most needed and fairies will certainly arrive at your call.

# 2

magical powers possessed by fairies, in no way limited and optional fairy can take human form and grow in size.Similarly, a person can transform into a fairy when open and has a good heart, and aims to help people have an overwhelming desire to be a fairy.Despite the fact that at first glance it seems a daunting task, it is not all in your hands and it is real.

# 3

How to become a real fairy with wings and magic abilities.Firstly, the fairies have different abiliti

es, depending on the elements that protects them, and secondly, it is important to realize that the acquired power can be used only in good intentions.One of the strongest and most powerful capabilities has the fairy of the sun, by which it can stop the evil and help the man.

# 4

To become a fairy of the sun, is not enough only desire, need to go through a special ritual that allows you to transform into a real fairy.To perform it must be at noon, when the sun shines brightly, and the sky no clouds, which can neutralize the effect of the ritual.Call three times the fairy of the sun, it will arrive, but since this afternoon, you will not see it, but always feel her presence.

# 5

When you begin to feel the approaching fairies, raise both arms above the head and begin to spin slowly in a clockwise direction until you have twenty turns.How to become a sun fairy by using another method.All actions that you perform, too, must take place in the afternoon, it is an indispensable condition and can not be neglected.

# 6

This method existed for many years and was invented by a real fairy sun.All that is required is to prepare a magical drink sunny.We need to pour a full glass of water and add a pinch of sugar three, a pinch of cinnamon and a tablespoon of orange juice freshly squeezed.The resulting structure should be put in the afternoon at the window so that it caught the sun's rays, which should be charged by solar energy drink.

# 7

Three hours later, the magic potion is ready.Then call out loud three times of the sun and the fairy as soon as you feel her presence, think about how much you want to turn into a fairy, and imagine this process, and then gulp drink prepared beverage.The next day at noon you will present fairy sun.