How to catch a fairy ?

How to catch a fairy ?
You will need:
  • Sweets
  • Natural floral honey
  • hear singing
  • Patience
# 1

mysterious little creatures with graceful and air wings with which they flit byand around the world - it's a fairy.They are difficult to find in life, because they are very carefully choose those who can be trusted and pointed to his eyes.Sometimes fairy flies to the people to observe them or to help in some matters and then under the influence of magical powers man can feel her presence.

# 2

When fairy realizes that the man has a bright soul and pure thoughts, it allows you to see yourself.And the only people who do not believe in the existence of the little witches, will never be able to see these lovely creatures.Legend has it that fairies can share their secret knowledge, and sometimes on the human will, turn it into their own kind.Great desire, faith in our own strength and abilities allow to transform into a real fairy, you only need to ask her about it.

# 3

How to become a fairy, if you finally deci

ded and want it with all my heart.Do not forget that the road will not be back, becoming a fairy, you'll be forever, and it only occasionally able to take human form.It will not be easy, we just need to ask about this fairy.Unfortunately, sometimes you have to wait very long for its arrival, because, in spite of his small stature, the fairies are very busy creatures, they have a lot of important and urgent tasks and responsibilities.

# 4

As you would expect of its appearance, it is possible to think about it and decide.Do you really need it, because becoming a fairy, you will also be expected duties and all sorts of things that do not wait for delay.If the decision is made, but all fairy does not appear, then there are a few true ways in which you can speed up your appointment.

# 5

How to catch a fairy, so she still fulfilled your desire.You remember that the fairies are able to surprisingly quickly move in space, so catch it you will not succeed.It is best to invite her to him.Everybody knows that fairies terrible sweet tooth, and therefore you need sweets, and better if it is a natural flower honey.In the summer is better to go on nature, fairies there feel more comfortable and more willing to fly to you, and do not forget to take with you honey.

# 6

ideal option would be a lawn, located away from the people that you will not be disturbed.Sit down, close your eyes, relax and mentally Call fairy.Sometimes you have to wait a very long time, so be patient and in any case, do not open your eyes, until then, until you hear the gentle singing that fairy will notify you of their arrival.Faced with the fairy, you can safely tell her of his desire, she already knows everything.