Recipe : how to become a fairy ?

Recipe : how to become a fairy ?
You will need:
  • sheet of paper a certain color
  • carved emblem
  • Write message fairy
  • empty bottle of
  • spirits warm water, salt, sugar, shampoo
# 1

Being a fairy is very fashionable, but also useful.What could be better ability to flit around the world, to do good deeds, help people to have a certain strength and always be small and beautiful girl that everyone loves.Many girls around the world would like to become a fairy, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it.Still, there are ways to transform into a fairy.

# 2

Most importantly, what is needed is a great desire to become a fairy, and believe that all the necessary work.In addition, it is necessary to perform a special ritual, depending on what you want to become a fairy, because it affects the availability of forces, which you will enjoy.The first thing to do is to decide exactly what you want to become a fairy, and, on this basis, select the appropriate way to becoming a good little witch.

# 3

How to become a fairy natural disasters, such as fire, water, wind.Besides a great desire to become a fairy, you will need a sheet of paper of a certain color.If you want to become a fairy-fire, it should be orange in color, water - blue, wind - white and so on.This sheet should be cut logo that corresponds to each element, for example, to become a fairy of water you need to cut or drop wave.On the resulting poster to write your own words on how much you want to be a fairy, and most importantly, why you want it.

# 4

Then open the window and let your logo on the wind, try to throw it as far as possible.Fairy certainly get your message, and if you really want it all means, then a week later you will become a fairy and gain their magical powers.But during the week it is important every morning upon awakening and in the evening before going to bed to repeat himself or whisper what message you have written and sent to the fairy.

# 5

But the second recipe how to become a fairy.Following exactly this method, a week later you will become a true fairy with wings and magic abilities.You need to take an empty bottle of perfume or cologne, and fill it with warm water, but before that you need to add to four pinches of sugar, two pinches of salt, a teaspoon of shampoo or liquid soap, preferably yellow, mix thoroughly and leave on a windowsill for three days.

# 6

Then four consecutive days in the morning and evening to spray the composition itself prepared and thus close their eyes and imagine how you become a real fairy.Remember, in order to become a fairy the most important thing that you need a very strong desire, otherwise everything will be in vain.Because fairies feel it and help only those who really wants and is ready for conversion.