How quickly become a fairy ?

How quickly become a fairy ?
You will need:
  • red Paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Glass
  • Water
# 1

Fabulous small sorceress, who flit through the air, leaving a glowing trail, andThey seek to help people, in fact, exist, and this is not fiction.This can be easily verified, we need only to call a fairy and she would appear three times.Suppose it does not always show people, but her presence you will feel.

# 2

Do not forget that the fairies are most often those who are like them, has the same qualities - kindness, sincerity and friendliness.But if you do not fully believe in fairies, it is not even worth trying, they did not arrive.Only the person who believes with all his heart and open to all new, will be able not only to see and make friends with the fairies, but with a great desire, and he turned into a little fairy, possessing magical powers for good.

# 3

How to become a fairy, to learn to fly and do good deeds.I do not think it's incredible and it would require too much time and labor.There are simple ways in whi

ch a very short time, you will be able to become a real fairy.As mentioned above, first of all we need faith and desire, is the key to successful transformation.In addition, you must make a certain ritual, which does not take long.

# 4

Take the empty glass, warm it in your hands and when you feel the heat, let it slip into the cup three times your desire and ask you to give the fairies magical powers that you promise to use only good intentions.Then fill the glass of warm water to the top and have a drink in one gulp.The ritual is completed, you are now a real fairy, you can test your abilities, but remember that they have yet to learn how to use.

# 5

How quickly become a fairy, just a few minutes.It is not difficult if you adhere strictly to this process of transformation, all you may need is a sheet of red paper and a pen or pencil.Zazhmurte and think about how much you want to be a fairy, it is very important because the strength of your desire depends on its implementation.It is best to present yourself as if you have already turned into a fairy and can fly, feel the wings behind him.

# 6

Now take the prepared red sheet of paper, fold it in half, then straighten and bend line in your desire to write.After that, take this list as many times as you can until it becomes very tiny, and throw out of the window as far as possible.That's it, now you have reincarnated into a fairy, it's time to try to test their magical powers.Do not give up if it does not at once, because they also manage to learn.