How to call a fairy godmother ?

How to call a fairy godmother ?
You will need:
  • glass of water
  • Paper and
  • pen Write message fairy
  • Three long white candle
# 1

flitting fairies - sorceress who do good deedsand help people, many do not believe in their existence, just because they have never seen.Fortunately, there is a way to help prove the existence of fairies.By their nature, they are kind and always ready to help, if you are a good man.Besides, it is possible to transform into a real fairy, and at the same time acquire not only wings, but also magical powers with which you'll be able to come to the aid of people who are in need of it.

# 2

How to do it?Not so difficult, but there is a very important point which must not be forgotten, because it is often decisive.You must have a very strong desire to become a fairy, to want it with all my heart, strive for it, and besides, do good deeds, that you saw a fairy and appreciated.How to become a fairy and gain magical abilities in a week.Besides a strong desire, you must go through a special ritual,

which would require a glass of water, paper, pen and a full moon.

# 3

Before you begin any of the ritual conditions need to select a specific element, which will protect you in the future.Think well of this will depend on your ability, you will find, when you become a real fairy.At night the moon is full it is necessary to write a letter to the paper element, which you have chosen, and the fairies of why you want to become a fairy.

# 4

need to write from the heart, it is possible to think in advance the text, but do not dissemble, fairies feel it.When the message is written, take a glass of water and go to the window.You need to install the glass in such a way that the moon reflected in the water, and say three times what is written in the message, then cover them and leave the glass on the window sill for a week.Exactly a week later you will become a fairy.

# 5

How to recall the good fairy, if you need her help.Usually fairies feel when people are in need of their help, and do fly, but this process can be accelerated with a special ritual.If you want to become a fairy, but do not know what kind of element selected, you can call for help a real fairy, which will prompt the correct decision.To do this, you need to be alone at home, curtained windows and mirrors, as well as to take a glass of water and three long white candle.

# 6

To perform the ritual at any time of the day, put on the table a full glass of water, and around it in the form of a triangle, set candles and light them.When all is done, it is necessary not very loud, but clearly say 35 times the phrase "fairy will appear!", And wait for its arrival.Once the water in the glass begins to sway, then the fairy already in your home.You can ask your questions.