What is the real fairy ?

What is the real fairy ?
You will need:
  • On a white sheet write a letter fairy
  • talked about his desire to
  • Mentally imagine yourself fairy
  • Burn sheet with a message
# 1

Small fluttering sorceress,are endowed with the forces of nature have a special magical abilities friendliness, sincerity, and always ready to help people when they need it.They call these witches fairies, they are very small in size and incredibly beautiful.Their costumes are dazzling, always bright and attractive, they seem to be made from the air, such as light and weightless.

# 2

Seeing once these lovely creatures, people will certainly start thinking about how great it would turn into a fairy and to be able to flit above the ground.And the most amazing thing is that people can be transformed and become a fairy with a very large and strong desire.However, we must remember that once turned into a fairy, no longer possible to become a man again.

# 3

Therefore, taking such an important decision, you need to think carefully, to see if

you are willing to abandon all human and devote his life to works that fairies perform daily.How to become a fairy and gain magical powers, without leaving home.It is not enough just to be desire, whatever it may be.Because there are certain rules and a rite of passage in the fairy can not do without.

# 4

When the decision was made and finally selected the element that will protect you in the future, do the following.Write on a white sheet of paper message fairies, tell us how much you want to be a fairy and visualize that this has already happened.Then fold the sheet three times and burn it, and pour the ashes in a glass and fill with warm water.The resulting solution was to leave the window, exactly three hours, and then pour out his left hand in a flower pot.In three hours, you will notice that decreased in size and got your magic abilities.

# 5

What is the real fairy, necessarily need to know, because the appearance is very important.Now that you have become a fairy, you will always be wearing a dress of translucent air weightless fabric, bright and saturated colors, the edges of which are framed by shiny pollen.Hair Fairies usually decorate diadem various forms.Pointed shoes with curved bottom edges and a constant attribute - a small wand with a slight touch of pollen.

# 6

Most often fairies prefer the green and pink, lilac and yellow.Fairies are usually brought before the people in a real way, only if it is sincere, kind and open to all new people.But knowing the secrets of magic, any fairy can turn to anyone in person, an animal, fairy magic, and even to several people because its capabilities are not restricted.