How to become a fairy animals ?

How to become a fairy animals ?
You will need:
  • Paper
  • glass of water
  • Full Moon
  • Written desire
# 1

Many people, not only children, but adults would like a fairy tale to seeeveryday.Gnomes, Thumbelina, fairies, Snow Maiden and other fairy-tale characters cute delight us in childhood.Many present themselves in their place, but only for a moment, half an hour, at most, a day.So still we want or do not want fairy personification of our lives?Or still leave it for dreams and dreams?

# 2

After all, if the magical characters will be present in our lives all the time, it will not be a fairy tale.Or on the contrary, our lives will get a new sense of magic.But somehow the tale is in no hurry to please our lives.So maybe try it for yourself to do everyday?After all, there are different ways to be at least the same fairy.It's so beautiful falls picture in our minds: I fly, beautiful flapping wings, bringing others joy and laughter.

# 3

Before becoming a fairy, we must also understand what you want to be?After all, so m

any of them and they are responsible for the various natural phenomena and are endowed with different powers.But here you decide what will be a fairy.You childhood love animals very much, and hurt you when you see how these little creatures suffer.Then answer is one - Fairy animals.

# 4

safely Take a piece of paper on which is written his tremendous desire to become a fairy, be sure to point out what we want to be a fairy - in this case, the fairy of animals.Only when writing, we do it thoughtfully and consciously, mentally scrolling through your desire.Take a quantity of water and drink one glass, and paper with a desire to throw out the open window.

# 5

There is another variant of this method, a sheet does not throw out, and eat and drink water.We go to bed and wake up fairy animals.This is a very easy way, but remember, a fairy will never endow you with strength, if you have bad thoughts, but for a good, kind man he is not sorry to share a modicum of magic.

# 6

If you did not work, and you're still wondering how to become a fairy animals, you can try the following method, especially if you are a big fan of the mysterious and mystical.After all, that in everyday life, it would seem, it is a familiar, but not solved, and undiscovered until the end, may be more magical moon?To do this, you need to wait for a period of initiation when the sky will be a full moon.Prepare a sheet of paper and a glass filled with water.

# 7

writes on a piece of his desire to be a fairy animals.Write, necessarily thinking about the great power of his desires, and how much benefit you could bring to others.Go to the open window, take a glass so that the moon is smiling in your glass (reflected), dip into a glass paper, which clearly says your desire and pour water on themselves.After all this wait, you will soon have to become a fairy animals.