How to become a fairy winter ?

How to become a fairy winter ?
You will need:
  • Wait snow
  • go into the forest
  • ice Capacity
  • Autosuggestion
# 1

The human concept of the essence of fairy appeared long ago.In our view it is luminous, like an angel creature.Messages that fairies come across on the human eye, often noticed.Since these creatures have a metaphysical nature, you have unexplained charodeystvennymi forces can intervene in our lives, but they hide and live apart.

# 2

Watching the cartoons of the extraordinary six Winx, many girls want to be fairies, too.After all, every person so I want to "fluttered" above the commonplace, to forget about all the problems, what to speak of the young impressionable soul?And just want to have just a little magic power?After all, fairies - are small entities with extraordinary abilities.As the various legends, the fairies can live on trees, and in the woods, or may in earthen huts, similar to the hills.

# 3

If you are constantly wondering how to become a fairy first adjust ourselves mentally.Remember,

life is a fairy, is not only fluttering from flower to flower, she is tired of the owner is resting, make the hard work for him.Also, the fairy should be good, to come to the rescue in difficult moments.Also, they can transform into animals and made invisible.But if you think about it, and your solution consistently, then decide how you want to be a fairy.

# 4

If you decide to become a winter fairy, then you need to wait for the snow to go out into the yard, and it is better to go into the forest.Find a good place where a lot of snow, and whisper podzovite fairy three times: "Come, fairy winter".This little thing you will not find it, they do very rarely show people in the eye, and in exceptional cases.But you feel it, and if you're lucky, and you will hear.

# 5

If you realize that the fairy in front of you, ask her for some magical powers, but not necessarily assure that the power you need for good deeds.Politely thank and say goodbye to the magical essence, and go to sleep.In the morning wake up with magical powers.If you have no desire to go into the forest and it is not close, and the question of how to become a fairy winter, remained unresolved, then you can try to become her home.

# 6

Enter full capacity (you can take a bowl or cup) ice, and wait until it is completely melted.Dip into the water even right, though his left hand, no more than a minute and imagine how you fill the formerly unknown feeling that the magic power gradually comes into your being, and you will melt this charodeystvennoy fairy.

# 7

Another simple way to live with the thought that you are a magical fairy inspires afford it all the time.But not only are taught and live it, believe with all your heart.Think of all the simplest, like magic.Treat people around a positive, help them in difficult situations, as far as possible.A smile, a good word and positive sea - that's what you need your family.