How to become a fairy fire ?

You will need:
  • empty bottle
  • Sugar
  • Sol
  • Liquid soap
  • Water
# 1

Promotion of cartoons about fairies led to the fact that many girls want to become thesefluttering creatures.It's so nice to fly around the forest or on the river, or on the flowers.And to do something good.And to remain small.No one would argue that almost every one of us would like to be a child, but sometimes it hard to admit.So, maybe the desire to be a fairy - a transformation of the desire to be small?What would you sorry, love, not forced to do something complex.

# 2

Perhaps the desire to make a fairy tale come true, playing in the real fairy tale heroine.Then we can come up with the plot and the most, and to call only those characters that you want to see in his statement.Or maybe you do not have enough in real life, understanding, and thinking that becoming a little fairy, you will help others to understand you, and others will be able to help.

# 3

Well, now let's look at a way to become a fairy.It is pos

sible to try to make at home.Take an empty bottle, you can use any - and of toilet water, and spirits from and out of the other cosmetics, as long as it was just a bubble.Then carefully pour in this capacity three pinches of sugar and three pinches of salt, and be sure to add one item.l.liquid soap, and now fill the water tank.

# 4

Put in my room on the window sill, and let insisted two weeks.When the magic mixture is ready, be sure to do not forget to spray water from the vial itself every day.Do not worry if your desire is not fulfilled at once, because you will need some time to the miraculous power of the vial had its effect on you.

# 5

your desire, if it is sincere and is directed to the good forces, be sure to celebrate, just might take longer than you would like to wait.But if you do not want to wait, there is a faster way.How to become a fairy with wings of fire?Visualize yourself near the fairy, and refer to them with a request to share with you magical powers.

# 6

For best effect, to become a fairy fire, sit around the campfire.Tune into something unusual and call whisper fairy fire three times.You feel light stroke of the air on your face or complete silence twilight rustled the leaves?So, you know, it's not the wind rustling, this fairy, hearing your mental call, hurry to you, and in your face - the breath of its wings.

# 7

felt like the air quietly walked over you, ask the fairies charodeystvennoy force only assure that the magic you'll use only for good.And now a quick home and sleep.If you did everything correctly, then in the morning it will be a fairy anymore.But if you have deceived fairy in her good intentions, she will not forgive you and find a way to take back your power.