How to become a fairy in a full moon ?

How to become a fairy in a full moon ?
You will need:
  • Wait until the full moon
  • clean glass of water
  • Paper
  • live like a fairy
# 1

one his appearance fairies can have a magical effect on the world around us.They are closely connected with the outside world and it helps them to heal plants animals and humans.Understanding the thin tissue of the universe of fairies do with supernatural abilities.It scares people and at the same time pulling to touch the mystery that he is not available.

# 2

thin wall between the world and the world of fairies created people person disbelief in miracles.It is so strong that to break it there is not any opportunity.However, young children often see the fairies, their mind is not poisoned fruits of technological progress.And for them there are no boundaries between the worlds.The world of childhood is closely intertwined with the magical world of fairies.

# 3

Growing up, people lose faith in miracles and breaks the thread that linked him to the magical world of fairies.How to become a f

airy, what is needed and how much really.Most of the girls in the world today believe in the existence of fairies.And not just believe, and want to become them.And such a possibility.But before resorting to this possibility should be remembered that the return to the former appearance is not always possible.

# 4

According to all the ancient beliefs and legends, all the magical activities related to reincarnation, are committed at night and under the full moon.Each step of the magic ritual is simple and nezateyliv.The main thing - clearly observe procedures.The ritual is performed at night under a full moon.The night sky has to be clear that at the crucial moment the cloud hid the moon.

# 5

The procedure is as follows: pour into a glass of clean water.On paper, you need to write a clearly articulated desire.Then you need to go to the window and stand so that a glass of water reflected the moon.Dropping into a glass sheet of paper with a written wish, say the written text myself.Having said all of the text, paper, you throw out the window, and put a glass under the bed.If all the actions were made correctly, then in the morning you wake up fairy.

# 6

There are other ways to be a fairy in a full moon, but they are less effective.In any case, having decided to become a fairy, it is necessary, accordingly, to live like a fairy.That is, to live in harmony with the environment, to avoid quarrels and scandals.Make only positive in this world.Being a fairy is not easy, it is a huge and hard work.Only a huge belief in themselves and their capabilities will help to achieve the level that you deserve.

# 7

You can not be a fairy only by magical rituals.You have to be mentally prepared for the fact that to do good in this world.Perhaps now that you know how to become a fairy in a full moon, and what qualities one must possess to do this, many will want to be reincarnated and become fairies.But think, perhaps, remain just a good man?