How , where there were vampires ?

How , where there were vampires ?
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# 1

On this subject, arguing for a long time and hard - like in the old days, and nowday.Many of you have read the book Bram Stoker's epic, describing the legendary Count Dracula - Vladislav Tepes, who lived in a gloomy Transylvanian castle.However, there is evidence that tricky Romanians simply took advantage of someone else's story to give a certain grim, brutal polish their country.In other matters, they were not mistaken in this: Transylvania knows besieged by tourists.It all began back in 1725, in a distant Serbia, the village Kisilevo.You want to know how vampires have taken place?

# 2

It is a small village located not far from the Great Gradiska, it became home to the first documented case of vampirism officially recorded, and the recorded person.Petar Blagojevic - was the name of the first vampire - when life was quite ordinary man, only occasional quarrels with neighbors, but the hassle with the city brightene

d his measured life.Nobody poured on it tears when he died in his native Kisileve, but subsequent events were given little village hard.

# 3

The village began to happen unexplained phenomena.People began to mysteriously die one by one, without any reason.Though at that time in Europe and the raging epidemics of terrible diseases, but those people were completely healthy.They only mentioned that the deceased had dreamed of them at night.When on the eighth day he died another local resident, already the ninth, the local priest was able to compare the facts.

# 4

Tomb Peter Blagojevich unearthed and opened the coffin - he lay there in the daylight, dead dead.However, when the priest brought a stake and that it pierced the heart of the dead man, the dead body of streams poured fresh blood.Fear seized with people, and they burned his former neighbor, and now - the cruel vampire at night to suck their blood and strength.Peter Blagojevich Ashes scattered over the Danube - and the mysterious death stopped.

# 5

However, it was not the last case of the emergence of vampires in my life Kisilevo village.Every now and then there were the mysterious woman - low growth, in winter, they wound up enchanted magical snowstorm men on the ice and drowned them, after which they were bloodless body was found on the banks of the Danube.After a mysterious meeting with the vampires in the homes of the unhappy beginning to happen terrible things.Vlastimir Djordjevic - the only villager who survived after contact with vampires, told how after meeting with some "little woman" in his house there was a fight of two relatives of people with a fatal outcome.

# 6

pity that the answer to the question, where vampires have taken place, it was not possible.Now even the Serbs have almost forgotten about.Not those times - the dark veil of mysticism ceded its rights the development of high technologies.But who can guarantee that mysterious bloodsuckers do not wander among us to this day?Maybe some of them and watching for you, right now ...