How to become a fairy with wings ?

How to become a fairy with wings ?
You will need:
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Clean Water
  • Meditation
# 1

fairies - mythical creatures that are found in fairy tales, legends and fantastic tales of different nations.The ancient book describes a variety of techniques, how to become this mythical creature.Fairies have superhuman powers and unearthly beauty.So today many young people, especially girls, fairies do not believe fiction, but real creatures that live with us.

# 2

Now there are people with super powers.It is believed that each of them can become a certain kind of fairy.For example, a person can freeze the water in the sight glass, and after transformation it will be a fairy that can subdue the watery element.Maybe light a match or candle, fairy will manage the fire.A person who is able to move objects at a distance, easily become a fairy with wings.

# 3

In ancient occult books described many ways to become a fairy.Here are some of them.To perform this ritual, we need a glass and paper.The very way how to become a fair

y, is quite simple.Most people do not talk about it, and those who used it, was satisfied.Perform this ritual is necessary only at the full moon.Take a glass and pour clean water into it.Next on the list are writing a desire to become a fairy.

# 4

tray glass window, what would it displays the silhouette of the moon.Staring at the moon reflected in the water glass and, repeating his wish that is written on the sheet, dip the paper in water.After completing the ritual throw paper in the window, and the glass put himself under the bed.When we go to be and try to fall asleep instantly.The morning should bring an amazing transformation of the common man in the mythical fairy.

# 5

How to become a fairy with wings?This method is not the most simple but effective enough.The first thing you need to learn how to meditate.To begin with the concentration of his thoughts on anything.For example, if you want to, that would have grown wings, then this thought and you need to concentrate.

# 6

sit in the lotus position, close your eyes and relax.The back of this should be a straight line, this is a very important point.A further step is to attempt to mentally get out of your physical body.If we happened to turn around and look at ourselves.The first step we have turned and you can continue on.

# 7

At this point, you need to start thinking hard about the fact that we turn into a fairy, and we grow wings.If you were able to see that you have grown wings, after the end of the meditation, you really turn into a fairy with wings.The process is quite complex, since the concentrate itself on these difficult thoughts.