How to become a fairy right now?

How to become a fairy right now?
You will need:
  • meditate
  • Learning to go to the astral plane
  • Wanting it on a subconscious level
  • convince myself that you're - Fairy
# 1

From childhood wewe learn about the fairies of the tales.And recently become very fashionable cartoons about fairies.Many girls are looking at the characters of the cartoon "Winx", want to be like them - who do not want to hover over the world, to be fragile and pretty and at the same time have the magical power.And, of course, I want to do something special to be a true fairy.

# 2

possible to ask advice from friends, read the forums, and try all possible ways in the hope that one of the options will help.Councils given set, and all of them are surrounded by mysterious rituals.Tips and vodichku drink at the full moon, and pieces of paper with wishes to throw out the window, and fingers to smear toothpaste and chewing cut from paper leaves and hearts.It's sad to admit, but if a fairy had become as easy as they say, the world would have long inhabit

ed only by fairies.

# 3

In order to understand how to become a fairy in fact, you must first know what it is you need.If just for fun, there is little that happens.If the approach to a serious case, you should come to grips with meditation and learn to go to the astral plane.It is worth noting that this is a very dangerous activity and energy.If in the process of meditation, dedicated to the transition to the state of the fairies, you can imagine yourself a fairy, whose wings grow, then you are guaranteed success.

# 4

If you are a person with extraordinary abilities, that is, you can control the elements, eg, light eyes match or the power of thought to freeze the water, then reincarnated you will be much easier, and you may well be fairy fire or water.Before deciding on such a transformation, you should consider whether you will be able to control the situation, playing with a known bad mother?In fact, any transformation - is the risk, and the need to adequately assess their capabilities.

# 5

There is much more easy and harmless way tells you how to become a fairy now.And most of this fairy.No, it is not very easy.But it is much more secure.To conjure a desire, you do not want to head and heart, and the subconscious.Wishing something unspecified at first it is not necessary.We must start with the tangible things.For example, wish to snow.Imagine a picture with the snow as much information as you can - watch with your eyes closed, as huge beautiful snow flakes fall gently to the ground.

# 6

Fill the picture with his energy, and if everything is done correctly, the wish will come true definitely.You just need to understand once and for all that you - fairy.Already.True.And very good.And you need to start doing good deeds and sincere smile to people.This is the real miracle.And it will give a lot of magical power.Gradually you will notice that your dreams come by themselves, even when you do not expect.And do not forget that the fairies are doing only good.And is responsible for all their actions, for all its magic.