How to live and train the players ?

How to live and train the players ?
You will need:
  • Desire
  • Leisure
  • Interest
# 1

Football - it is a versatile game which requires the possession of certain techniques simultaneously.As is known, in order to become a world-class athlete is not enough to be able to run fast and hit the ball strongly.In the sport of particular importance to have appliances working with the ball, the ability to build the right tactics, just fold.

# 2

At the moment stands out a series of special exercises, the main purpose of which is to significantly improve the technique with the ball.Athletes high level before to understand how to become a world-class player, hard and practiced every day.The most common exercises are: canopy, square, chasing, running with the ball with obstacles.

# 3

Under coinage refers to this exercise, in which the athlete must as much time to hit the ball while not letting him down on the grass.It is thought that this daily exercise should be given at least 30 minutes.Today, young and inexperienced athletes do

not realize how the players live.Some simply attracts high enough to pay and popularity.

# 4

But in fact, the day the ordinary middle-class athlete painted literally by the minute.Every day he expected many hours of training, and yet they still go to the training camp abroad.Thus, virtually no competitor spends time with his family.His whole life - that's football.

# 5

its popularity and high salaries, they must not only constant and diligent training, but in every way a lack of communication with their loved ones.Sometimes it turns out that in the homeland is no longer a football player spends one week a year.On the other side of the issue is important and how to train high-level players.

# 6

In any case, before taking the decision to become a football player, you have to weigh the "pros" and "cons."Consider whether these are victims of love for soccer ball.Add the more permanent injury and health problems in old age, as well as the possibility of a lifetime to be confined to a wheelchair?Is this really a sport so dear to you?