How does the Galaxy ?

How does the Galaxy ?
You will need:
  • Encyclopedias and books on astronomy
  • Astronomical card
  • minimum knowledge of astronomy
  • Telescope
# 1

Our galaxy is called the Milky Way, it has notone hundred billion stars.Until 1924 it was believed that our galaxy is only in space, a number of discoveries made in these matters changed view of the world.The universe does not end beyond the Milky Way, it is now known that we are surrounded by about two hundred billion galaxies, each of which is unique.

# 2

For all galaxies are characterized by general law, they are aggressive, violent means are born and die a violent death.The galaxy, called the Milky Way, is huge, its dimensions are calculated in light years (light year is about 10 trillion km.).Our galaxy slightly more than 12 billion. Years, in the universe, it is a fairly small galaxy.

# 3

How does the galaxy, above all it is a huge cluster of stars, which has its more than one hundred billion.The Milky Way looks like a huge disc with thickening in the cen

ter, with the spiral arms of gigantic proportions.Space has such systems countless.Experts believe that the galaxies formed as a result of a gigantic explosion in space.

# 4

As a result, after about 200 million. Years formed the first stars that gravity eventually pulled into galaxies, t. E. The universe began.The Milky Way, as it turned out like a galaxy of many small structures.The attraction forces tied up and rotating stars, it was not until the moment when gravity is not transformed into a cluster of a flat disk.

# 5

Somewhat later formed the stars and gas giant star sleeve sizes, such processes, according to scientists, more than one billion times took place in the vast universe.Each of the existing galaxies revolves around one center.According to scientists, to change the behavior of the galaxy can only be a black hole, and not just a hole, and supermassive.

# 6

«food" for the supermassive black holes is the gas and the stars, which are absorbed by it in large numbers.If absorbed much the "food", it may be blown out of it in the form of clean energy beam.This phenomenon is called a quasar, when astronomers see such a thing in any galaxy, which means there is a heavy-duty black hole.

# 7

In the center of our galaxy there is a supermassive black hole, the size of which in the center of the Milky Way comprise 24 million. Km.It would seem, as the galaxy is moving, because a black hole is a powerful source of gravity and under the influence of the star system should disintegrate.Scientists, astronomers have come to the conclusion that there is an even more powerful force than the supermassive black hole, she was given the name of the dark matter.It has a more powerful force of attraction.

# 8

dark matter is not only the binding force of the galaxy, but it supports and contributes to the emergence of the new.It is not visible and not palpable, but it is thought that is constantly with us.How likely is a danger of falling into the black hole planet Earth, scientists believe that it is minimal.After all, even on space standards, it is a long distance from the black hole - about 2500 light-years.