How to build the Eiffel Tower ?

How to build the Eiffel Tower ?
You will need:
  • Metal parts in the amount of 18038 pieces
  • Rivets in the amount of 2.5 million pieces
  • 10,000 gas lamps
  • 2 spotlights of different colors
  • 300 workers

Before starting work, is required to clear the site for construction using construction equipment.Dig a trench the desired size.Set 16 caisson foundation, which will hold the structure weighing 10,100 tons.In order to easily perform the work with the construction of the caissons, in each of which the air was pumped should be under strong pressure.

# 2

is under high pressure, into the coffers space is not water enters, and builders may carry out work on the liberation of the space on the breed.It follows from the foregoing, the construction process has been a long, time-consuming and costly.Therefore, the question of how to built the Eiffel Tower two answer can not be in words.

# 3

Set metal cylinders filled with sand.Four supports placed on top of the metal cylinder.To make the correct angle helpers can move t

hanks to the gradual release of a small amount of sand.Supports moving and set the desired angle.

# 4

Using the hydraulic lift in the basement of the support to the millimeter to customize the first metal support platform.When you reach the first platform accurate horizontal angle, fasten it to the supports.Remove the lift, which was installed with the help of the first platform.

# 5

Set around the perimeter of the track, which will move the high-altitude crane.It is necessary to lift the metal structures and their installation on the first and second platforms.With four columns tall cranes installed on the first platform, consisting of different parts.Connect these four columns square platform diameter, which was 35 meters.

# 6

How cost Eiffel Tower without having installations in 1887 for the construction of high-rise buildings?Engineer Eiffel invented special mobile cranes to be mounted on the second platform has four pillars that are interwoven at the top, forming a pyramid.Crowned its third site.On the last platform at a height of 276 meters set by means of special mobile cranes lighthouse with a dome.

# 7

The final stage will deliver at the level of 300 meters, it has a viewing platform.Paint the entire structure, to the metal is not subjected to corrosion.At the lighthouse, set the spotlights of different colors, symbolizing the French flag.Across the tower we strengthen ten thousand gas lamps for lighting installations.We pose the elevator car, define reservoirs for engine oil, providing lifts working on the hydraulics on the third platform.