How does the hair color of the character ?

How does the hair color of the character ?
You will need:
  • Hair color
  • desire to understand the personality
# 1

red hair color.Hair color has always been closely linked to the personality types.It is believed that the owner stubborn red hair and seductive, as a rule, they are characterized by amazing ideas.Their character can be described as explosive, irritable and passionate.On the other hand, analysts said that such women are sensitive people, but at the same time strong, and like all headed.

# 2

For them, nothing is impossible, and they are very frank.Generally redheads live with a high level of excitement.Looking for an answer to the question of how color affects the character, remember that repaint when you do not change yourself.But at the same time looking in the mirror, you realize that you can change.

# 3

Brown hair color.Dark-haired ladies are perceived as responsible good girls.Statistics show that among the people who received the Nobel Prize, the majority were brides.Thus, they are smarter?No, but they are w

orking much more than others.

# 4

Brown hair for women can be burdensome.They are nervous only in the last minute and eventually it hard to give up.Brown-haired reliable and motivated.To learn how to affect hair color on the person, simply change your hair color and see what changes will occur to you.

# 5

bright hair color.Blondes are often perceived as a silly, passionate women, but that's just a stereotype.They are smarter than men think.Statistics show that blondes are more likely to get divorced, being always surrounded by offerings and attention.They marry earlier than other women.But why males are more attracted to blondes?

# 6

This hair color reflects the youth and femininity, but also can portray humility and innocence.If you do not know how to affect hair color on their masters, remember that changing the color, you do not change your character, you change your behavior.Blondes impressionable, have a good memory and a great sense of humor.

# 7

Black hair color.Brunettes are more reserved, but none of the other hair color does not so much respect from the men, like this one.Experts believe that a woman with black hair and measured more serious, sometimes melancholy, self-centered, and they often doubt their own power.