How to build a dam ?

How to build a dam ?
You will need:
  • Stone
  • Earth
  • Clay
# 1

Dams can have a very impressive size.For example, in Switzerland and Austria in the Alpine valleys, they often have a height of several hundred meters and extend for tens of kilometers.The main difference from the other dam structures, e.g., dams, that the materials used.The dam constructed of concrete or reinforced concrete, and dam - made of stone, gravel and earth.

# 2

lower part of the structure must be very thick, as required to withstand even the greatest water pressure.How to build a dam so that the water does not leak?To advance to prevent the penetration of water flows through the walls, the middle part is made of very dense, a moisture barrier material, such as clay.

# 3

foundation must be compacted and hardened to the very depths, or otherwise, there is a certain risk of undermining the structure and leakage of water under the earth.During the construction of the dam it is very important to remember about the fact that it is impo

ssible to prevent the disappearance of the river on which the dam will stand.Before the start of construction is necessary to lay a new channel for the river on which it will flow during the construction period.

# 4

How to build a dam, if the river runs in a fairly narrow valley?We need to build a special tunnel, inside of which will be sent to the water without leaving the territory of the construction site.If the construction site of a minute can not, then you need to carefully and accurately to build a dam.Please consult with an experienced technician.It is necessary to build a dam so as to be able to switch to another mode during floods.

# 5

excess water will go from the back side to help vent channel system.This dam will protect the entire configuration vodoohranyayuschuyu system from potential damage.How to build a dam that is protected against floods?To water fall with less force, you can use the special construction of large concrete blocks.

# 6

To protect the system from floods and their devastating effects, you can use the ES.If several ES were built side by side, then they will take part of the water flows through special drives, preventing the action of this river comes out of his bed and the sinking of the surrounding villages and towns.