How formed in Venice ?

How formed in Venice ?
You will need:
  • Attention
  • ability to analyze
  • textbook on world history
  • Knowledge of the history of the city
# 1

As is known from a school program on the history of Venice was built122 islands connected by 400 bridges, and formed this strange city, surrounded on all sides by water, back in the year 810.Its original inhabitants began to Italians who, fleeing from eternal predatory raids, boarded a boat and left their homeland in search of refuge and a better life.

# 2

And they just hid on the islands, which gradually began to settle, and then connect the canals and bridges.Here is the answer to the question, how did the Venice, but of course, it took a huge amount of time, and not every islander has lived up to this point.

# 3

Soon Venice lifted her head and began to appear on the world stage, and during its heyday came in the IX - XVI century, when it, thanks to its favorable geographical location and a major trading center linking the East and West Europe.In the Middle Ages

Venice was considered a republic, but many years later, the town was subject to Italy.

# 4

Grand Canal has divided the city into three districts, interconnected three long bridges.Ice on water gondola has long been a favorite pastime of visitors and residents, and the unique ability to manage data of sea transport handed down.

# 5

Once there was a city of Venice, many foreigners who had heard about the beauty and grandeur of these places, dreaming to get here, and some have moved their families.Today, Venice is a tourist town, where every year flock huge number of overseas guests looking for an unforgettable experience.

# 6

majestic buildings, the unique architectural style, an interesting story, unique traditions and carnival - there really is something to see.But the locals prefer to leave Venice because of the lack of decent work.How not cool, but this city is more suitable for a holiday, and the level of income of local residents is very low.

# 7

Perhaps that is why in the narrow streets at night, you can come across a group of homeless people, and especially a lot of them at the station.In addition, many worried about the weather and the conditions under which sometimes have to just survive.Anyway, this ancient city a must-see, as well as learn the history of its creation.