How to divide the mountain height ?

How to divide the mountain height ?
You will need:
  • Map
  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil
# 1

How important is it to determine the map terrain, everyone knows who has ever collided with the study ofor any other corner of the planet on the map.The task is simple, if you know what color painted mountains, with different levels of height.Mountains themselves are fraught with innumerable mysteries associated with the history of the emergence and development of the planet.

# 2

So how divided the mountain height?At altitude all the mountains are divided into three categories, more precisely, into three types.Their difference is in the color painting on maps.The first type includes the mountain, so to speak, low height above sea level is not more than a thousand meters.Their color is light brown.They are old, on the grounds belong to the category of low mountains.

# 3

good representative of low mountains is the Middle Urals.But the Ural mountains and have a considerable height.If you look on a map you can see in this stone ridge and

colors more vivid coloring.This means that there is a medium-sized mountain with a height of a thousand meters to two thousand among the Ural Mountains.Medium, namely a definition is applied to them, it is the most common on the planet.

# 4

There is another classification of the height of the mountains.The mountains, whose height is two thousand meters and higher are called high.A classic example of a Caucasus.They are on the cards correspond to dark red color.Further, the division is on the rise.Mountain height of more than three thousand meters, then, more than five thousand.Naturally, each such category is painted in a rich brown color.Highlands usually distinguish young mountains, in a state of development, and therefore unstable.

# 5

highest peaks of mountain ranges are indicated by black dots labeled height.For example, the highest peak in the world Qomolangma in Tibetan, or Mount Everest in English and in Nepalese Sagarmahta is located at an altitude of 8848 meters.Height is determined up to the top, and up to a meter.Mount Everest is located in the Himalayas, in China.Its height and is listed on the cards next to a black dot, indicating its peak.

# 6

Relief - is uneven, which is the earth's surface.One of the characteristic features of the relief are the mountains.Their altitude is the distance from sea level to the highest point on the mountain range.Knowledge of this value is very important in many different spheres of society.