How to apply makeup ?

How to apply makeup ?
You will need:
  • Grim
  • Tone Cream
  • eyeliner and lip
  • Non-toxic adhesive face
  • Vaseline or a children's make-up
# 1

Tounderstand how to properly apply makeup, use the main rule - the skin should not come in contact with him directly, so be sure to apply foundation of Vaseline or baby oil on your face.Your face reminds Halloween canvas - you can do so as soon as you wish.

# 2

Before you put on face paint or make-up, perform an allergy test - apply a little paint on the elbow fold - if redness or burning is not, can apply it on your face.If you plan to do a lot of make-up layer, before it is required to moisten the skin with petroleum jelly or baby cream.

# 3

Makeup for Halloween should be bright.A person can be toned using a conventional foundation, akvagrima or fat-based makeup.How to apply makeup?Akvagrim applied using a broad brush, pre-connecting it with the water.Tone cream and make-up of fat-based sponge is applied.You may need to apply several layers of makeup.In this case

, each of the layers necessarily have to dry.

# 4

Typically, color Halloween make very light, even white.Blush can also be used as Halloween makeup, but apply them to be very careful not to spoil the mystical makeup.When choosing a blush, preference was given in favor of bright shades of pink or dark brown.

# 5

most vivid, gruesome and creative images are achieved when using contact lenses.The lenses can be completely different color from white to simulate rim or cat-eye dash.The eyes in the dark make-up to do, even black.Use eyeliner, pencils and eye shadows.

# 6

These items can be used to draw a cobweb, intricate pattern or traces of blood.Make your eyes expressive allow artificial eyelashes: you can choose eyelashes with crystals, feathers or cobweb.Create unimaginable images, dream and transform into the most unusual and scary Hallowe'en party representatives.