How nice to give a gift to girl ?

How nice to give a gift to girl ?
You will need:
  • Paper,
  • handle musical instrument, talent
  • beer vouchers sea
  • Many boxes, wrapping paper
  • Gift
# 1

Choosing girl, a gift should know that it is the soul of a little girl, which is interesting not just get a gift in the hands, and in an unusual way.It's like a child choose a gift that is to work hard to get it.Pleasure when receiving a gift will be much more than just to know that you will give.A good option to give a gift, starting from this scheme, it is to hide it in advance and write tasks, thanks to which it will find it.

# 2

second way to give the gift of beautiful girl in an unusual way, more appropriate musicians and creative individuals.Prepare a guitar or something else is in this spirit, it is desirable that you are well able to play on this, or invite a friend who will be able to play for you, but in this case you have to sing well to outshine favorite.When finished and serenade your girlfriend to come down to you, get up on one knee and presented her wit

h a bouquet of roses and a chic gift.

# 3

If you and your girlfriend have an excellent sense of humor, you have the opportunity to present the following gift: buy a case of beer and a ticket to wherever you want to go for a long time, or fly to the beloved.Ticket to invest in a beautiful envelope, they can be purchased at every step.It is glued to the bottom of a box of beer, and give to his beloved at the most solemn moment.In response, you will likely see a puzzled look, then, at this point it's time to say, "Darling, you're like this beer, that's why I decided to wash them of our upcoming trip" reverses the box and see the joyful eyes.

# 4

How to give the gift of an original girl, small size, read: size does not matter, as they say many women, but it is not in our case, we are going to do from the small - a huge gift.You buy a few boxes that one could go to the other, and a lot of wrapping paper.Preparing gift will take some time, so be patient.To start put into the smallest box of your gift, wrap it a beautiful gift paper and tie a bow.Then put it in a big box, wrap with paper again.Do this until you run out you bought the box.The biggest box can be used out of the TV, so it will be more interesting, and your girl will be more want to know what's there.