Writer of the New Year at home

Writer of the New Year at home
You will need:
  • Fancy tree
  • cardboard, colored paper
  • Fanta
  • horoscope for the coming year
  • Champagne and festive mood
# 1

Decorate the house with all sorts of garlands,figurines, decorate the Christmas tree, festive and delicious serve an table.Expose homemade Christmas toy in the center of the table - the symbol, the statue of the Snake.Prepare a delicious Christmas cocktails and decorate them beautifully.

# 2

Declare a small carnival.Each family member has to make for himself a carnival mask using a variety of workpieces, for example, colored paper, cardboard, gum, pens, etc.See off the outgoing year of the Dragon.

# 3

Next, the script home New Year includes a contest for the best drawing of the Serpent.Each piece of paper colored pencils distributed.Christmas begins the game of forfeits.Each pulls out for yourself with a ticket number corresponds to a task.The participant must perform a task master.

# 4

New Year Greeting Snakes in oriental horoscope.All turns perform

tasks: depict the snake;Giving small gifts to all in accordance with the symbol of the year;Celebrate New Year at home.Pour champagne.Bute chimes, make a wish.

# 5

unbeaten start the New Year Tarot lottery.Each one draws a snowflake with a number of leading hats.After all the snowflakes will understand, everyone present must toast and remove the tree snowflake with the same number on his snowflake, so he learns that his destiny is preparing for the New Year.

# 6

Next are given presents on behalf of the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus.Then we pronounce the Christmas wishes of each guest at the 2013th year.Read aloud comic horoscope for the new year.It begins entertainment program with different games and competitions.They can be selected according to the preferences of your friends or loved ones.If a youth company can play "Twister" can be divided into several companies and play a "Scrabble", "Backgammon" or "Poker".

# 7

The final stage will be a party, of course, dancing until dawn.After a fun-filled evening, you can safely go to bed and try to sleep, because there is still a long weekend and a lot of holidays.