Congratulations girl with a New Year

Congratulations girl with a New Year
You will need:
  • Small songwriting gift
  • candy Kilogram in wrappers
  • Paper,
  • scissors pen, markers
# 1

If you have to bore solemn speeches and emitted a weekpostcards and folding position or relationship with another force to come up with something more than the standard "Congratulations", his next surprise.Get kilogram large delicious sweets in wrappers.If you are preparing congratulation girl, it may be pale pink hearts soufflé in chocolate if the boy - roasted nuts or marmalade sprinkled, that is what it can to please your congratulations.

# 2

Expand candy wrapper and use it as a template to cut the blank paper.The number of cut pieces of paper must be equal to the amount of the remaining candies.On each piece of paper write a wish for another.It can be personal, formulated on the basis of your knowledge of the dreams and aspirations Congratulations man.For example, "I want to beat Spartak", "Beautiful driver's license!", "Let the first word will be" Dad "".

# 3

permissible use and the wishes of the general positive character with the thrust at his friend, for example, "Let the Schengen visa will be cheaper for you", "I wish that your sandwich fell on the floor is not oil and caviar", "tear-resistantstring guitar and singing soul. "Candy, without removing the "native" wrappers for reasons of hygiene, carefully wrap in a homemade shirt.Everything that happened, fold in the bag with Christmas symbols.The blank is ready for congratulation.

# 4

Further developments depend on each other.Varnish candy alone, he will be able to warm the soul of your wishes in the next 7-10 days.By offering refreshments table guests for the New Year, each company will provide all pretty fun.In any case, the friend can not help but like a creative, personal and sincere greetings on the New Year.

# 5

Taking the idea as a basis, we can come up with other options.Candy can decorate the Christmas tree, hung with the help of threads on the tinsel.They can be funny prizes in the Christmas competition.As a greeting papers for packaging chocolates logical to use the cut from an illustrated magazine image desired.Then, as the candy eaten, of which can be folded "Collage wishes for the New Year."

# 6