New Year script for high school students

New Year script for high school students
You will need:
  • Company guys
  • Christmas costumes
  • Flapper, confetti
  • festive mood
  • Disc selection
# 1

New Year like adults and children.For high school students this holiday helps them return to childhood, to feel like a fairy-tale character and once again believe in a miracle.Prepare an event for high school students a little more complicated than for younger children, as usual tale they are no longer interested.There will need to use creative thinking.New Year script for high school students includes not only fabulous scenes, and interesting competitions and quizzes.It can be upgraded performance, for example, turning Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in modern characters, rather than traditional fairy tale.

# 2

order to motivate teens can hold a competition for the best Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden of all the children present at the event.For example, you can invite bidders to create their own image of the modern Santa Claus.Here, children can express their creativity and to dream.

Or, for example, are formed when the pair of Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens, offer Santa suit Snow Maiden on your taste, you can use any items.

# 3

Another interesting variant of the new year scenario for high school students.Everyone who wants to distributed leaflets with roles.For example, a wolf, a snowman, a fox, a Christmas tree.Leading text reads fairy tales, it is desirable that the text was written with humor, you can even absurd.The tale states that each character is doing in this particular moment, the participants of the competition have not seen the script, they need to improvise.This tale must have a very easy subject, the focus is not on the originality of the narrative, and humor and improvisation participants.

# 4

For intellectuals perfect Christmas quiz questions which are connected with holidays and traditions in different countries, the history of the New Year and so on.For correct answers relies prize and quiz winner will receive the best gift.