New Year - a holiday scenario

New Year - a holiday scenario
You will need:
  • enthusiasm
  • Christmas entourage
  • Costumes
# 1

2013 - year of the Black Snake.As you know, snake prefers gold and red, likes luxury and chic.To meet the 2013 original, you can have a party in the eastern style.This style is chosen for good reason, oriental outfits usually richly decorated, colorful and bright, and it just will like the Black Snake, the patroness of the next year.

# 2

To experience the atmosphere of a holiday in the Oriental style, you need to arrange the room properly.As already mentioned, the east characterized by an abundance of gold, red, ornaments and other decorations.By the way, New Year's celebration scenarios assume that in the eastern style, with guests that you will sit on the floor as Arab sheiks.Therefore it will be necessary to lay a good warm floor rugs and put a pillow on which you and will sit.On the walls, you can also hang rugs or bright shawls.If possible, decorate the room east attributes, put the dishes in this style, prepare the i

ncense.Very good in this atmosphere fit hookah and, of course, can not do without the oriental music.

# 3

Make the party more interesting and believable costumes help.Agree, if guests come in casual clothes, color evening disappear.Therefore it is necessary beforehand to warn guests about the dress code.It is clear that the oriental costume is not at all, but guests must use at least the elements of the style of clothing - scarves, shawls, trousers and tunics.

# 4

Without a good oriental treats for the new year holiday scenario can not manage.You can cook Shawarma, pilaf, shish kebabs, lyuley - kebabs and other dishes.Here your imagination is given full freedom.But remember that the eastern cuisine is spicy and oily and can come not like some of the guests.For such a case, prepare some dishes from the usual European cuisine.For desserts well suited a variety of fruit, halva, baklava, dried fruits and Turkish delight.