Congratulations to the man with the New Year

Congratulations to the man with the New Year
You will need:
  • Candles
  • champagne bottle
  • Garlands
  • Tinsel
  • tree
# 1

To congratulate the beloved New Year, should be prepared forhis extraordinary gift.Find out what would most like your favorite, ask him about it in advance, not implying anything.Once you've learned about the gift, buy it a few days before the holiday.This frees you from having to run to the shops in the holiday.Do not forget to prepare a colorful packaging for gifts.Men like even less bright as a stylish, compact and fashionable packaging.

# 2

Besides material gifts, you should cook it and romantic surprise by preparing a table for two, a New Year's Eve.Congratulations man should be pronounced is a warm and intimate atmosphere, except when the two of you in the room will be only Christmas tree and a toy Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.Decorating the room it should be based on the fact that everything has to be as comfortable as possible and comfortable.Bought tinsel, garlands and rain.Decorate the room with all dili

gence.Remember that here you will greet her lover, and who knows, maybe he confesses his love for you, it is here.

# 3

Prepare a Christmas tree.It should be decorated with Christmas toys, candy, rain and paper snowflakes.Under the Christmas tree you can put an ice bucket and champagne that you will drink together.

# 4

Happy New Year from the woman for a loving man is like manna from heaven.Do not forget to give the whole atmosphere a romantic component.Buy scented candles and begin to prepare for the festive menu.It should be rich in a variety of tasty dishes, as it is known that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.Food is better to cook the most, but if you are unsure, it is better not to experiment.Make them in the nearest diner.

# 5

most important gift for the man - this is his favorite woman.Therefore, start time perk.Go to the hairdresser and make a hairstyle from which it will not be able to tear your eyes.Makeup should more clearly highlight your individuality and charm.Pay more attention to the eyes.They need to get expressive.Do not forget also about clothes.Do not be afraid to wear it short, because no one except the man she loved, the festival will not be.Put the most beautiful high-heeled shoes.