The scenario of the New Year in school

The scenario of the New Year in school
You will need:
  • Lead and his assistants
  • Large paper daisy
  • cards with different tasks
  • tablespoons and eggs
  • wide bowl, flour, biscuits
# 1

Lead New Year's poem tells students.The teacher welcomes students, congratulating them for the New Year.Brownie Kuzma opens the Christmas competition.

# 2

contest "Daisy".Previously a teacher should make a large paper colored daisy.The number of petals should coincide with the number of students or teams in the class.Each student or the whole team must take part in the competition.A representative of each team pulls a daisy petal on which is written the job, for example, show a silent picture of any product or fairy tales, play funny incident from the life of the class.

# 3

Competition for care "jumping-Dap."According to the scenario of the New Year in the school, all participants have to stand in line.Leading utters the words that can be divided into two conditional category.The first is to treat the water (fish, river, juice, tea, coffee

), and the second to the land (sand, coast, house, lighthouse).In the first case, the students are to stand still, and in the second - jumping in a circle.Competition should be carried out at a rapid pace!To make a mistake - drop out and wins - the last player.

# 4

contest (held without preparation) "in the theater."Select 5-10 participants who are given cards with tasks, such as the walk in front of the tables: Sparrow on the roof, the chicken around the yard, on the gorilla cage, an old woman with a very heavy jokes, stork on wetlands.

# 5

The more you can vary the scenario of the New Year in high school?For example, the competition "Get the liver."In general flour sprinkled on the bowl, which contains the cookie.Student must get her mouth, while not dirty.In this competition involved only those who want to show their dexterity.

# 6

contest "Transfer the egg."The participants issued a tablespoon and one chicken egg.The problem lies in the students that they should move the egg with a spoon, holding it in the mouth of the teacher's desk to the table of his team.Vanquish those who suffered to the table more than chicken eggs.

# 7

After the competition part of the festival all the students sit at tables and start drinking tea with a variety of goodies.The teacher sums up the year and completes the holiday.