SMS Happy New Year

SMS Happy New Year
You will need:
  • Mobile
  • Poems, Greetings
  • Christmas mood
# 1

Very little time remains one of the most important holidays - the New Year.This holiday in Russia began to celebrate not so long ago - the founder of this festival became Tsar Peter the First.On New Year's decided to congratulate friends and relatives, to give each other gifts, spend time richly served banquet table.

# 2

For quite a few years a very popular way of greeting each other through SMS messages.It does not always work to congratulate you dear human person and not at all on the holidays and parties will be able to visit the festive night.And some of the loved ones may be in another city, in another country or even on another continent.Thousands of kilometers away from you.That in such cases and helps cellular communication.A loved one who is far away from you, are to be congratulated with the help of SMS greetings on the New Year.

# 3

SMS messages - a thing convenient, versatile and widely distributed.For exam

ple, SMS messages on New Year's night, you can send not only expensive for you people, but also colleagues, acquaintances, not close friends - in a word to those whom you do not want to invite to your party and they also do not take the time to visit.

# 4

So what's greetings can be sent via SMS text message to man?For example, writing a couple of sentences in which you are your own words to congratulate the person on the holiday and wish him all the next-most of the year.Or send a loved one a poem of his own composition.The rhyme mention the person's name, write something cute and funny quatrain with congratulations.

# 5

On New Year SMS greetings can be sent before midnight and after.But, of course, loved one will be pleasantly surprised by the compliments, if he comes to midnight.Because after 12 nights all sit at the holiday table, or blow on the street firecrackers and fireworks, after many go to sleep.So congratulations sent after midnight will find most likely at lunchtime the next day.What is another advantage Happy New Year with SMS messages?

# 6

example that all phone lines in New Year's Eve overwhelmed and get through to anyone is simply unrealistic.A SMS message will reach the person in any way, and rather quickly.You decide which way you like best.But it is better predpostite SMS messages - it's fast, easy and convenient.