How to celebrate the year of the snake ?

How to celebrate the year of the snake ?
You will need:
  • New script
  • tight dresses saturated colors
  • Jewellery clear stones
  • Souvenirs with snake symbols
# 1

New year 2013 will be held under the protection of the royal snake.To start from the beginning it with the right attitude, you need to know about some of the features that put it on the eastern "mistress."Black Water Snake - this is a very difficult character to meet it must be very careful and cautious, carefully weighing all the words spoken in the main night of the year.Black symbolizes the cosmic mystery, sudden changes and lack of stability.Therefore, in the coming year you will have to plan all their affairs much more carefully than before, and have to start to think carefully about how you enter the year of the snake.How to meet this mysterious person?

# 2

Snake - being very careful, it is always ready to attack.Therefore, even a festive night not necessary to interfere with her.Invite only your closest friends;ideal - a family celebration.Before the New Year w

ill solve all their problems, get rid of the painful thoughts and with a pure heart to start a new life stage.

# 3

If you can not avoid the busy corporate feasts, hide behind a mask - arrange a carnival.Black Snake certainly appreciate your resourcefulness and forgive you riotous party.Plan the scenario - a repeat of last year's celebration is unacceptable.Originality, ingenuity - all these qualities are useful to you and after the holiday, because the whole year will be filled with surprises, and not always pleasant.

# 4

How to celebrate the year of the snake?Choosing a place for the celebration, remember that snakes prefer the open spaces.Therefore, even if you do not choose to meet the New Year outside the city, try to get out into the open.That is, rather than under the chiming clock, it is better to think of the most important desire.This time is also ideal for traveling - leave worries and go to the place, a visit which has been postponed for many years.

# 5

Carefully plan your festive wardrobe.dark shade fitting dress would be an excellent option.As jewelry is best to choose absolutely transparent, "watery" stones.Male tie must also resemble snake skin - maybe you will be able to even find the accessory backup snakeskin?Goods made of genuine snake skin, of course, fall into the night under a strict ban.But statues depicting the symbol of the year, placed in the "honorable" places, would be appropriate.