How to arrange a new 2016 ?

How to arrange a new 2016 ?
You will need:
  • Merry Company
  • Festive table
  • Christmas tree
  • Excellent mood
# 1

to this holiday was truly fantastic and magical, you will have to try.Think in advance on a plan of action.Make a guest list, choose the place of celebration.Think New Year's menu: should cook a favorite treat a symbol of the coming year - the meat, fish or eggs.Do not plan too much preparation, because it is necessary to leave time on their appearance!

# 2

Create a Christmas mood with the help of small details.Hang colorful garlands, snowflakes decorate the window, put the Christmas music.Add to Christmas table decorations - Christmas tree cones, gold napkins and, necessarily, the candle.If you do not know how to make a new year for kids, remember that it must be a magical and unforgettable holiday for them.Let the New Year will come to them from Santa Claus.Treat your kids.

# 3

Write a script for the evening.Everyone will be interested to be a child - to play games and guess riddles.And how much

will be the delight of the New Year competitions!Do not make your guests get bored.You can prepare for each of them a small gift.This will remind them that each of them you care.They will feel your warmth and attention this holiday.

# 4

Do not forget about the main symbol of New Year's - the Christmas tree!Of course, it is desirable that she was alive, after all, nothing else, it emits an unforgettable aroma coming holiday.If you have a child, get a Christmas tree ornament with, your child will love it!

# 5

If you do not know how to celebrate the New Year 2016 to find out more information about the symbol of the coming year.Monkey - strong and independent character.It does not tolerate vanity and pretentiousness.The main character, the color - brown and green.When choosing an evening dress should give preference to coffee, green color.And do not forget to put on the table a small figurine of a monkey - it is flatter.

# 6

Gather note that you will burn under the chiming clock.Someone there can be written only one word, well, someone might make for themselves the results of the year - that he had in the past year, which has achieved and what has yet to make in the coming year.Under chimes make come true your heart's desire, because the hidden the new year, it will come true.Believe in magic.Believe in a fairy tale.And it certainly will happen to you!