Nativity script

Nativity script
You will need:
  • determination to arrange a holiday
  • Christmas music
  • equipment scenes or Christmas carols
  • Treats for the holiday table
# 1

Christmas meeting organization requires good preparation.The first thing to do - is to bring their friends and children, to help you buy products to make decorations, decorate the house.Traditional decoration - a Christmas star, Christmas tree, a bunch of hay (symbolizes the manger in which Jesus was lying).In the scenario of Christmas is possible to register for the quiz questions.

# 2

The next thing to consider when organizing the festival - is the age of your guests: children or adults.If you are hosting a Christmas for children, you can invite them to participate in the play.Search the Internet scene "Christmas Night" - is one of the most famous religious subjects.In the story of the shepherds learn about the birth of Jesus, the Magi and their gifts are awarded.Give each child a role and prepare the costumes and scenery.Rehearse several time

s in advance to during the performance there was no hesitation and errors.

# 3

If you want to make a fun gatherings for adults, Christmas holiday scenario is somewhat different: invite your friends on the evening of Christmas carols.Buy paint for the face, get scarves, headscarves, long skirts.Print a comic song one text on the sheet.Fold each sheet of paper several times and put it in a hat.When the guests gather, let it pulled out of the hat a funny song, carol and outfits.Walk through the streets or from door to door friends, sing songs and disclose bag of sweets and coins.After the walk back home for the holiday table.

# 4

Light the candles, dim the lights to create a festive atmosphere.Apply game (duck, turkey or goose) with apples, salads and pies.Put under the table any iron object.Let each guest sitting at the table, in turn, put him leg.Iron symbolizes strength, therefore, according to an ancient tradition, touching it at Christmas gives good health for the whole year.

# 5

Do not forget to prepare the Christmas music, to turn her background during the celebration.Download it from the Internet or buy in the store the disc with a selection of songs of Christmas themes.The last and the most coveted item of the holiday scenario - giving gifts!Christmas gift need not be expensive, as long as your heart.