How to throw a party in the eastern style ?

You will need:
  • Oriental costume
  • Persian rugs, floor cushions, hookah, rose petals
  • Pitchers for
  • drinks beautiful table set
  • Light snacks with tropical fruits
  • Fresh flowers
  • Musicwith oriental motifs
# 1

This evening requires compliance with the dress code.Invited men can dress in loose white garments made of cotton, and wear a turban on his head.Girls for one night to become concubines of their sultans, therefore their outfit should be translucent flying outfits with necklaces, face veil, you can close and dissolve hair.

# 2

preparing a room for a party, do not forget that it should be elegant and richly furnished.Zadekoriruyte walls with bright fabrics, creating a light falandy on them, make guests feel at the sultan's tent.Cover the floor and sofa Persian carpets.On the floor, scatter cushions in bright colors.Next, set the low coffee tables, on which a variety of refreshments will be available.Scatter rose petals around the room, it will impress your guests and set up the d

esired fashion.Find and place for hookah - an attribute many Eastern countries.But before the arrival of guests light the incense sticks that will surround his room with smoke, creating an atmosphere of the East.

# 3

All drinks that you want to offer the guests pour through copper jugs, and arrange them on the table.Since women are concubines, they must offer their sultans food, pour the wine them and ensure that they were comfortable.Prepare snacks that contain a variety of tropical fruits.Plates, which will be expanded food should be as elegant, let it be porcelain set, but it must be clearly and beautifully painted.The decoration for the table will provide flowers that can be put on the plate.

# 4

For background music pick songs and various oriental motifs, which can be simple melodies and songs that have voice guidance.

# 5

entertainment can be belly dancing, concubines who perform for their sultans.Even if you can hardly imagine how this is done, start to move, and then the body itself will tell you the right direction.

# 6

Have a nice evening and the mass of new impressions!