How to make Indian party?

You will need:
  • Excellent mood
  • Summer T-shirt and trousers
  • Brocade and garlands of flowers (paper)
  • low tables, floor cushions, hookah
  • Red lipstick
  • videos fromdances from Indian films
# 1

Agree with the guests about the dress code.No evening gowns, formal suits and classic dresses.India - a country summer.Let the window minus 20 and you and your guests in summer shirts and trousers, because you have in the house a warm Indian summer.Later, looking through photos, and you do not believe in that celebration took place in the winter.

# 2

Prepare and decorate a house in Indian style.Get brocade fabric zaveste their wall, it will create the impression of an Indian maharaja tent.In India, for the holidays to decorate the house with garlands of flowers.If you can not buy them, then you will come to the aid of colored paper that can be cut out of it and make a garland.Such decorations can be worn on the neck of the guests, when they begin to gather.The atmosphere will give India and sp

ices, which need to light in advance to their flats soaked smell.In a separate site set hookah to a few people can immediately take advantage of it.

# 3

not need on Indian party chairs, cover with low tables and floor cushions distribute, which will be able to get away.Let the menu will include seafood - fish, squid, shrimp.And the main drink in the evening can be set.Leave room on the table for a spicy fragrant tea, which can pamper the guests.In India, guests are treated to a variety of holiday treats.Prepare cake, invited pleasantly surprised and your culinary skills and your hospitality.

# 4

When the guests will drop you in the house, put it on the neck garland, referred to earlier, and put red dots on his forehead, as in the present Hindus.This can be done with red lipstick, or gouache.Unforgettable entertainment can become Indian dances.To do this, prepare in advance a couple of clips from the film, which you can find on the Internet.Turn one roller, and start to dance on the screen.It will be so fun and funny that this will not forget one of the guests.

# 5

not stop.Constantly coming up with something new!You will never be bored!