How and when to spray the trees , pears ?

You will need:
  • drug "HOM»
  • drug "Kartotsid»
  • Bluestone
  • «Abigapik»
# 1

As a rule, is now quite a lot of business advertise special sprayersfor trees and shrubs against rodents.Of course, very good, that advertise a lot of money to combat rodents.But do not rush into buying.Beautiful and bright advertising - not a sign of quality goods.But apart from this, spraying are quite expensive.It should be noted that not only rodents and other pests prevent trees grow, but more infections which are increasing with each passing year.Experienced gardeners know that the main thing - it is not some means to handle the bushes and spray the trees when or at what time.And only then choose a method of processing.Moreover, for every tree and bush requires special care, about which few people know.

# 2

Suitable last days of April and is about to begin in March!For some, it is a happy event, and someone spring brings a lot of trouble.Especially for those who have a garden or a vegetable garden.Already 2

8-31 April should be held clean.Namely: Aporia Crataegi destroy nests, tear off the old bark, scrub deferred insect eggs.It is recommended to inspect the branches.Perhaps someone has "encroached" on the tree and left his mark.Therefore it is necessary to cut off all the branches on which rodents have left fingerprints.Probably, on the branches will fluff or something similar to pus.Here, too, everything will have to remove using napkins, knives and scissors.It should still pay attention to the ground.Sometimes next to a tree grow fungi, weeds and the like. D. Of course, all this must be removed.It is advisable to slightly loosen the ground under a tree.

# 3

Of course, if you do the whole process in the last days of April, it is unlikely that the trees in the summer will become healthy.Therefore, until the purification, namely until 28 April, it is necessary to do more "early spring" work.Namely, to process trees of fruit rot.But how and what to spray the plants from pests?At that moment, when the swelling of the kidneys will occur, it is recommended to use Bordeaux mixture.Prepared simply turns blue.To do this, dissolve in hot water bluestone.Next, pour the cold water.The final step - fill in this mass - lime.It should be thoroughly mixed until until the mixture becomes bluish.It is advisable to prepare the vehicle in a wooden tub or in any other wooden ware.It is important that the solution was randomly taken nothing.

# 4

And here than to spray a pear?This is the same tree, just like everyone else.Just then, it is desirable to find another means for the care of the vegetation.It is best to use the drug "HOM" which cost 40 c.does not exceed 70 rubles.Means quite effective and fast.Prepare tool is simple enough.We need a bag of powder contents emptied into a bucket of water.Further, all thoroughly and pour into a spray bottle.It is worth noting that the bucket must be desyatilitrovym.Otherwise, you can either not achieve the desired effect, or simply spoil the bark of a tree.Drizzle is necessary on the leaves, branches and trunk.But gardeners claim that 40 grams.preparation "HOME" is not enough.Therefore it is recommended to take just 3-4 packs.

# 5

drug "Kartotsid" - an antibacterial agent to care for plants.It is worth noting that the very sensitive pear.Spraying should be correct.Therefore it is necessary to know how to prepare a solution.In 10 liters of water must be added to 50 grams."Kartotsid" powder.Do not add more or less.After all, it can affect the health of the tree.Only it should be recalled, or even prevent, that this tool does not cure, but only warns of harmful bacteria.Keep it about 1-2 days.It is therefore necessary to spray regularly.But in any case it is impossible to splash "Kartotsid" on the kidneys.The fact is that when the pear grows up, it wants to rip and eat.However, there will be a chemical that can cause allergic reactions or even death.

# 6

Many gardeners use more copper sulfate.This means you need to be mixed with water (10 g. Per 10 liters).The drug is just treats trees and various shrubs.But the agent is desirable to be used only when a person sees the rot on the tree, feel the specific smell.Generally, it is recommended to make a calendar.Spraying the trees will be a regular in this case.There will need to specify the numbers, days of the week and caring for plants.Thus, a person will form a good habit to go to the garden and to handle all the vegetation.Even the trees get used to it, that is important.After all, it happens sometimes that the bush does not take any medicine.It can not depend on the tree, and the climate, environment, space, and so on. D.

# 7

drug "Abigapik" is also used to treat the trees.It should be 30 degrees.powder Add desyatilitrovoe bucket.Then, using a spray bottle to spray the trunk and branches, in any case not falling on the kidneys or have already grown fruit.If there are no drugs that can simply be sprayed with water.In hot weather recommended spraying 2 times a day.After all, this also depends on how the fruit will grow.Sometimes it happens that the leaves on the trees are torn.So, we need to spread the spot means that pests are afraid to come again.

# 8

Calendar spraying fruit trees need to be already in the beginning of March, in order to adhere to the regime during the spring.Of course, so many ways to care for plants, and each prefers any one.But do not be so conservative.We must use all the drugs and then have to choose the most suitable.After all, every year the funds are improved and they are making something new.