The process of fruit trees from pests ?

The process of fruit trees from pests ?
You will need:
  • Garden forks
  • Bordeaux mixture
  • Clay Pestifiks
  • Bluestone
  • sodium phosphate
# 1

Horticultural crops susceptible to infectious diseases and attack harmful insects,who strive to enjoy the harvest.Of course, every gardener strives to grow eco-friendly fruits without using chemicals.But this is often hindered by the weather and uninvited guests: butterflies, beetles, insect larvae.It would not have tried to plant breeders to bring varieties of fruit trees that are resistant to bacterial contamination, it is an open question.Therefore, the harvest will have to defend.But it should be done with caution and taking into account the schedule of disinfecting work.No less serious is the approach to a choice of what to handle fruit trees, because the chemicals can harm human health and damage to the difficulty resulting fruit harvests.

# 2

Processing of fruit trees against pests carried out in spring and autumn.During winter dormancy is necessary to protect plants.Indeed, in th

e fallen leaves can hibernate insect larvae that spring sure will move closer to the food.When the leaves shall fade, it should be collected and burned.Earth dug around the trees.This is done to ensure that never left the nest of insects that spend the winter safely, if they are not disturbed.Weeding is best done fork to a depth of 15-20 cm between rows of bushes, and 10-15 cm in the trees around the perimeter.Forks should go into the soil along the roots and not to damage them.There is a misconception that the digging should be done together with fallen leaves.It is not so much to improve the soil, how it infects insect larvae, which remained in the foliage.

# 3

for apple and pear trees in March, it is necessary to start work on the destruction of nests Aporia Crataegi, zlatoguzok and ringed silkworm eggs that overwinter on the annual shoots.To do this, the bark scraped off and the young shoots in the root zone is removed and burned.In April, when the temperature will rise to 5 degrees of heat, can be treated by apple blossom weevil.For this fabricated trap - strips of cloth soaked in glue "Pestifiks", which strengthens on trunks.The process of fruit trees in the spring depends on the probability of plants infected by a parasite or disease.From scab and fruit rot apply copper sulfate and lime 100 grams diluted in 10-liter bucket of water (Bordeaux mixture).You can use the Hamster, kartotsid, abigapik, bluestone.Spraying is necessary during bud swelling.

# 4

fight against caterpillars that will eat the leaves during bud swelling in the affected trees should be started until the larvae have not yet grown up.Most gardeners use such drugs for the treatment of fruit trees as benzofosfat, malathion, rovikurt, kilzar, permethrin.Spray the garden needed before flowering or after it.Can be used and biological preparations, but their effect will succeed only when the air temperature 18 degrees and above.This is due to the activity of the bacteria, which are based on these resources from pests.In cold weather slows their action.By biopreparations are Lepidocide and bitoksibatsillin.For exterminating mites mineral oil used in the form of emulsions which are sprayed garden.In addition to chemical treatment destroying slot manually.

# 5

Processing fruit trees urea can be done at any time of the year.But it is better to do this spring, with the first rays of the sun, when it is possible to obtain tangible results in the fight against insects.The urea solution called urea with 46% nitrogen content, suitable for apples, pears, plums and other fruit trees.In early spring when the branches of the trees have not yet covered with dense vegetation, handle them easier.Nitrogenous compounds fall on all parts of the crown, and reliably protect a tree from insect larvae, and fungal infectious diseases.If the young trees and low effectiveness of subsequent treatments did not decrease.Garden sprayed, if necessary, re late spring and summer.Urea and protects plants from spring frosts: kidneys, thanks to nitrogen, bloom later.

# 6

addition to pests, plants, microorganisms affect parasites.These include viruses, fungi, mycoplasma and bacteria.Another danger, driven by plant diseases, may be the climatic conditions, damage to the tree, soil deficiencies, improper use of fertilizers and pesticides, as well as the attack of rodents.In seasons when the weather is particularly rainy, trees are often affected by fungal diseases, such as fruit rot, scab, cherry leaf spot and others.Some varieties of trees are particularly susceptible to bacterial contamination.In order to avoid the further development of the disease at the end of summer they are sprayed with fungicides or copper oxychloride.From mildew helps mixture of sodium phosphate (100 grams) bayletona 5% (6 grams) and 70% colloidal sulfur (30 to 80 grams).

# 7

When it is time processing of fruit trees, from the gardener garden sprayer should be prepared.This is a convenient device which delivers the chemical solution under pressure through a special pump.The person performing the processing, less contact with the insecticide.There are mechanical and manual dispensers fertilizers.Last - the most common fixture at amateur gardeners.The device is small, easy to carry, the pump is started manually.The price of such devices is also quite democratic.For spraying the garden choose a windless day.The work must be done in the evening.You will need protective clothing and a respirator.there should be people who are not engaged in the processing of trees in the garden.Chemical composition loses its properties after three weeks.