How to trim the fifth ?

How to trim the fifth ?
You will need:
  • clippers (shears)
  • sickle
  • gloves
# 1

Thuja occidentalis in our corner of the visitor, it is home to the southeast of Canada and northeast US.However, it is well settled down here, and feels very good in all climate zones and in virtually any environment.She is not afraid of the cold weather, no wind, besides practically does not suffer from the smoke and dust in the environment of cities and industrial enterprises.Thanks unpretentiousness and thick lush green crown fifth is often planted in parks, avenues, boulevards, as well as used to create hedges.

# 2

Growing arborvitae requires almost no effort.It is enough to observe a few simple requirements in choosing the landing site.If the place is not too shady and, on the contrary, not very sunny, and the soil is very dry, the tree will feel good.Furthermore, tall plant varieties is desirable at some distance from other trees.Between the seedlings themselves enough to leave a distance of about half a meter.In the future,

your participation will require no more than a few times a year, when the need pruning arborvitae.

# 3

In principle, the fifth cut is not necessary, but then the krone can become too thick and branch eventually will oppress each other.Some of them may dry out or lose its green color.Too thick, heavy branches, arching down, press down neighbors and Crown loses the harmony and beauty.Pruning arborvitae is needed and for thinning of the crown, and to remove the shrunken shoots.But those who take care of their decorative qualities of the site, using secateurs primarily in order to form a fifth - to give the crown a particular geometric shape according to the general layout at the site.Healthy thick tree allows you to create these sculptures of itself.

# 4

Regarding the calendar periods when it is better to carry out the formation of arborvitae, opinions diverge.Virtually all experts agree that the first two or three years to touch a tree desirable.Then gradually increase the cutting speed can be up to several times a year.But as to what month do first pruning, each horticulturist their views.Most recommends starting to work with the crown at the beginning of the summer.Many approach the tree with shears already in early spring when the branches and leaves have not yet filled with juice.And they both agree that spring touch tree is not worth it, because you can damage the young shoots.But the main work of pruning is best done in late summer - August or early September, the specific time you can move a little bit depending on the region.

# 5

Instead of one or two times a year perekromsat whole tree, it is better every few days or weeks to make the crown small adjustments.For pruning arborvitae should use a clean and sharp instrument.Dirt and rust can penetrate and harm plant and dull blade leaves on leaves and wood of scars that may never heal.Never cut more than one-third of the total length of branches or escape.Even better would be if we restrict pruning tips.After a while, if you really need an operation can be repeated.Young shoots as much as possible is better not to cut - wood in these areas are very vulnerable, and in the crown around the cropped young branches can form a void.

# 6

Finally, you can give one more tip to form Tui - not really listen to other people's advice.Thuja is so unpretentious that will withstand almost all of your experiences.Use common sense, like the planted plants, start with small patches, and over time you will see that the tree good, and that - to harm.Then you can create very beautiful and original compositions both of individual trees and the whole area.