How to grow the fruit of the chestnut tree ?

How to grow the fruit of the chestnut tree ?
You will need:
  • Nuts Chestnut
  • pots with soil
  • Patience and
# 1

before grow brown walnut in the home need to find a suitable nuts.Horse chestnut is better to take late autumn, when the first snow fell, and passed the first frosts.Furthermore, it should take the fallen fruit, which guarantees their ripeness.Nuts should be strong, with no damage, not rotten.Experts advise to lower the number of nuts in the water, those that emerge can safely throw.

# 2

The next step is to grow the fruit of the chestnut tree, very long: nuts, authenticated, leave in a cool place until the end of January.Chestnut should be in conditions close to real, so some gardeners even put fruit in the refrigerator.It is important all the time do not worry nuts, leave them alone.

# 3

At the end of January or beginning of February, should get the chestnuts and put them into the water.The water should start proklёvyvatsya sprouts.Care should be taken that the water does not dry out, to maintain the same level (be

tter pour the fruit is not completely leaving the tips sticking out).In addition, it is important that the nuts do not become slippery, so you should change the water regularly.

# 4

Now, when the fruit began proklёvyvatsya (it can take from 4 days to 3 weeks), the main task will be planting chestnut.It is necessary to take the pot moist but not waterlogged soil.Once put back nuts to a depth of 2-4 cm.Now just have to wait until the plant will not sprout.When germination begins - will be fast-bumps.

# 5

When will the strong shoots, the plant will not require special care in a pot.However, you should regularly moisturize the soil and provide the plant enough light.Special fertilizer chestnut does not require, but good food does not hurt.In autumn tree should be placed in a cool place.

# 6

The chestnut pot should not be kept for more than two years, it's still not a house plant.Therefore, in the spring when the ground warms up, it is necessary to prepare a tree for planting: leave the plant outdoors for a couple of days.Now, when landing in open ground will not be a shock to the chestnut, it is time to bury the roots in the ground.You must select a good site, with plenty of light and moisture.

# 7

on virtually everything can only make occasional pruning.Now chestnut tree becomes completely independent, so we can only enjoy this majestic and incredibly beautiful tree.Now that everyone knows how to grow brown, the case remains for small: to get up off the couch and plant a tree!