When the strawberries ripen early ?Strawberries " tribute "

When the strawberries ripen early ?Strawberry
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# 1

When ripe strawberries, the real summer feel.To get the first crop of early strawberries as soon as possible, it is advisable to plant it at the end of August - beginning of September.And it is necessary to use braided line.The plant is well adapted to these conditions, accustomed to cold, tolerate frosts and may already get a first harvest in May.Depending on the varieties of strawberries, it bears fruit once per season in a pretty short terms or more with short breaks.If conditions allow, the fruiting strawberries can happen twice in a season.However, the crop will not be as abundant as the first time.For example, this will contribute to the hot summer and good conditions.These classes include "Olbia", "Clery", "Czech beauty," "Dawn" and "Kama".

# 2

strawberries, which bears fruit several times a year, called remontant.Pletenochny flooring also accelerate the process of ripening berr

ies.Then the waves will take several harvests.But smaller fruits and a smaller amount.These classes can include: "Queen Elizabeth 2", "Brighton", "Lubava", "Rhine Waltz", "Tribute", "Uralochka".Such strawberries will produce fruit almost to the first frost.

# 3

Do not forget that strawberries are well propagated vegetatively by means of tendrils.Therefore, it is often neatly planted rows of plantation transformed into continuous thickets strawberries.The greater the vegetation, the berries will be smaller in size.Superfluous shoots should be cut off and transplanted to other areas, thereby allowing the bush to grow further.Also requires regular weeding, soil backwash, carefully remove weeds, watering.After suffering frost should be removed extinct bushes, rotten and dead leaves.Between the ridges of strawberries should be the distance to the bushes do not interfere with each other to grow.The next step will be fertilizing plants.You will need to take the following components: ten liters of water to take half a liter of mullein, and thirty grams of ammonium sulfate.On one bush is enough to use half a liter of this solution.That will be quite enough.You can buy other special fertilizers, which are suitable for the strawberry varieties.In the spring of watering once a week, but in the summer every morning until risen heatwave.If you find any pests, should get rid of them and "treat" the other bushes.Collection of strawberries produce better during the early morning, plucking the berries together with the stem, so as not to injure the plant.In case of frost or low-snow winters, early frosts should cover strawberries foil or braid.

# 4

To stretch the period when the earliest ripe strawberries, for longer, and during the summer to get a crop, you can plant different varieties of strawberries.Depending on the fruit-bearing bushes.You can plant varieties randomly or on different sites for easy care plants.Since strawberries - a perishable product, you need to collect it in a bowl, then to anywhere possible not shift anymore.After collecting the berries can be put in the refrigerator, of course not for the long term.Or in any other dark cool place, such as the basement.Caring for strawberries seems to be not that simple, but the result is worth it.