How to grow an avocado from a stone ?

How to grow an avocado from a stone ?
You will need:
  • Avocado
  • Glass
  • Toothpicks
  • Pot of land
# 1

Avocado is sometimes called alligator pear.This fruit is very useful.In their homeland is a large evergreen tree belonging to the family laurel.Growing avocados in Africa, India, the US and Brazil.Avocado tree can grow to a height of 18 meters, and the fruit can reach a weight of 1 kg.Grown in a pot at home, avocado is about 10 times less, and fruiting is possible and not to wait, but how exotic it will please his master, thus not requiring a lot of specific care.Perhaps, this plant can be attributed to the unpretentious.In order to try to grow this miracle on your windowsill, you will need a bone taken from fresh, ripe fruit.Stone with signs of rot or mold does not germinate as well as unripe, green stone.

# 2

Tag ripe bone - without dark spots and soft, odorless, the pulp is easily separated from it.Uniformly dark brown.If bone meets all indications, the question of how to grow avocado can be considered solved.The easiest

way to germinate bone - on a glass of water.To this end, three toothpicks equidistant from each other in a bone stuck in the middle of the line.With these spacers set the bone over the glass so that its blunt end with a small peephole has been submerged in water, and the rest of the water does not touch.You can also use a match or cut out of cardboard or plastic rings.While the bone is not sprout, it is necessary to closely monitor the water level.

# 3

germination at room temperature below 19 degrees occurs in two to four weeks.Before a blunt end seem roots, and from an acute - germ, bone reset your icky brown robe and remain shiny, pink-cream color.Just just before germination, for 2-4 days, it will crack into two slightly unequal halves lengthwise.The crack can be very deep, it seems that from the pink, egg-shaped seed falls apart into two parts, but it does not happen.Remove half the bones by mechanical means it is not necessary - except that they play a decorative role and are the highlight of the plants they contain a supply of nutrients for the first time required the young plants.

# 4

vyglyanuvshie When the roots reach a length of not less than 3-4 cm, avocado pit can be planted in the ground.Landing, you need to adhere to the same rules as for germination - a bone should be immersed in the land of no more than a third.Otherwise, it will lose all its appeal and may rot, and the young plants will get sick and may even die.Large pot avocados directly is better not to give - it likes to stretch up and bares much with his trunk.Although the trunk in a beautiful avocado, dark green with brown velvety patches, not all homes have space for polutorametrovogo stam trees in an avocado which can turn about two weeks with good lighting and plenty of space for root development.

# 5

If planted in a small pit, about 9-10 cm diameter pot, chances are that it will start branching, well, or at least its inner barrel will increase the thickness of acquiring more aesthetic appearance.Avocado growing in the tropics, and this means that it likes heat, high humidity and a lot of sunlight.The more sprays will accrue to the sapling, the more beautiful and will he leaves.On drought, darkness and cold avocado responds dropping leaves, dry air causes the leaves are slightly curled inwards, and their tips brown, zasyhaya.In winter, the plant may lose leaves, but in the spring they will escalate again.The soil for planting avocado in any case should not be hard, caked.

# 6

For more decoration can be put into one pot three, four or even more seeds of avocado, placing them next to each other in the center of the pot.In this composition, the ability of an avocado quickly grow to be just at hand - their trunks can be twisted together in the form of pigtails, or connect at regular intervals, so that as they grow, they remain in a position to form a decorative bonsai.If the constant pinch the tops in avocados, they begin to form branches and more leaves.Thus, with proper care, you can get a wonderful original tree, which no one else has.The main thing is not to forget about watering and fertilizing - they need avocados about once a month.

# 7

Knowing how to grow an avocado from a stone, it is unlikely that someone will rise hand to throw it, prepare a salad of avocado.A few years later it turns into a slender tree about a meter in height.In the houses of the avocado can live a long time, creating a sense of harmony to their views and freshness.Large slightly corrugated leaves well clean the air.In heated greenhouses or conservatories, where avocados are planted directly into the ground, trees do not have this bald trunk, and grow higher.Avocado from seed in the ground is usually bloom for 6-8 years of life, if it is to instill - it even earlier.And indoors the plant usually do not bloom at all, and if the flowers, then much later.If you follow all advice in relation to the bone avocado and its cultivation will not cause any trouble.