How to plant the seedlings of pepper to pepper up sweet ?

How to plant the seedlings of pepper to pepper up sweet ?
You will need:
  • seeds pepper
  • bell peppers, stuffing and freezer
  • liquid fertilizing
  • bell peppers and minced with onion
# 1

Bell peppers were exportedfrom the warm countries, so in conditions of Russia (middle lane) for their growing require specific skills and knowledge.So in March, you can start landing seeds of this plant.In order to obtain a high yield dive they need to have a phase plate.Well-developed plants with a stem of 20-30 cm and 6-8 leaves - will be the answer to the question how to plant seedlings of pepper to make it ready for transplanting in the open ground.

# 2

Storage bell peppers can be very different - in the form of canned and fresh.You can also cook and semi-sweet peppers, for example - frozen stuffed peppers.They can lay in freezer immediately after filling is placed inside.If you want to make a large margin, it is worth to know - how to cook a frozen stuffed peppers.

# 3

Another element essential for excellent seedling and delicious sweet peppers is th

eir to fertilize peppers.Fertilizing is recommended to exercise at least 2 times, and the interval between them is about 10 days.The first feeding is carried out already in the phase of the first true leaves.If the pick is carried out, it must go through 10-1 5 days before fertilize peppers.

# 4

resulting bell pepper crop to be used in a wide variety of dishes and if there is no need for conservation, sweet peppers can be stuffed with vegetables, rice and meat.In preparing the peppers stuffed with meat can be added to ground meat finely chopped onion, which gives zest to the whole dish.Today there are many different recipes on how to cook peppers stuffed with meat

# 5

And it is worth noting some of the features of cultivation of pepper to sweet fruits were produced and more.So experienced gardeners warned that there are certain rules in order to correctly choose the right place for seedlings of peppers.Naturally, this should be a warm place, but it should not become a source of direct sunlight, which can dry the plants to burn so the answer to the question - how to plant seedlings of pepper can not be unique.In addition, young plants require high humidity and timely watering, otherwise the fruit will be small and tie for the most part quite bitter that in the future will never be repeated attempts at cultivation of this culture.If you have the strength, desire and time to do gardening - sweet bell peppers are not long in coming.