How to choose a miter saw ?

How to choose a miter saw ?
You will need:
  • saws Options
  • Running time saw
  • bars for sharpening
# 1

saws are designed for sawing and cutting various materials.They can be professional, they are used for construction work, during repairs of buildings for various purposes, in forestry.This saw has a powerful motor, it enables the use of its long period of time, it has a high reliability and durability.Domestic saws have a less powerful motor, and their use is limited in time.So, before you choose a saw, you must decide on its purpose.There are several types of saws, which are distinguished on the basis of the motion.It can be such saws - Jigsaws - reciprocating - disk - tape - chain.

# 2

With a circular saw, you can do as an inclined, and a cross-section.Special wheels allow you to work with materials such as wood, metal, plywood, particle board and other.Therefore, before you select a saw blade you need to decide for what purpose you are buying it.For example, there are circular saws, the main purpose of which i

s precisely cutting metals.With their help cut shaped pipes, steel sheets, stainless steel and various non-ferrous metals.Such saws work is not very noisy, they quickly perform a task, they are no sparks.Submersible saws can produce in a variety of metal and wood cutouts.

# 3

After a certain time, the sharp saw teeth tupyatsya, and they require sharpening.First of all, before using the saw is recommended to put on the teeth of wax, which prevents rust.But before you sharpen the saw, you should know that this requires.If the saw disc, the grinding starts at the surface facing the material that is treated.The disc can not be removed and can be removed, depending on how it is more convenient to perform the work.Saws should be disconnected from the network.To drive sustainability, it can be strengthened on both sides, you can use the thin plates or bars.With the help of a file start zapilivaem teeth alternately.To avoid confusion, you can mark the first clove marker.Then you need to check the height of the teeth.If it is different, carefully using the same files, the teeth are aligned in height.

# 4

Before you choose a saw on a tree, you need to decide is what kind of drink you need.They are there are several types.For example, saws intended for slitting have larger teeth which are ground at a right angle.These saws are most in demand among nozhovok.For cutting boards used saws designed for transverse cutting.There is also a panel saw, which, thanks to the presence of small teeth copes with artificial materials.Also, when choosing a blade should pay attention to what is the geometry of its teeth.They may be universal, direct, "bit" and "wolf."