How to make the lighting in the room most appropriate ?

How to make the lighting in the room most appropriate ?
You will need:
  • Fixtures
  • Neon lights
# 1

right combination of color, shape and interior details in the room says that the design is executed correctly, and everything is ontheir places.Despite this, we should not forget about another important component that will indicate completion of the design.The right light in the room describes the atmosphere of the room and creates the desired effect.On how to make the lighting in the room the final result will depend, which is expected at the end of the design project.

# 2

Artificial lighting in the room should be created, taking into account the location and size of all the elements in the room.Light is scattered differently depending on where the light sources are located and how much space on its way.In this regard, it is not recommended to use lighting lamps on the walls, next to which there are large wardrobes, so as not to create unnecessary shadows.Also from the same luminaire can get different effects depending on the color of the wal

ls and curtains.For all these reasons, you need to consider how to spend osveschenietak to light sources were in the right places.

# 3

lighting in the room can be of various types: point, cold, warm, LED and so on.This depends on the size of lamps, such as lamps, the location of the light sources and their quantities.The optimal lighting is mixed, where in addition to the main there is an additional, which differs from the first type.For example it may be a large chandelier, creating a bright light, and LED eyes are located at the corners of the ceiling around the perimeter, and floor moldings.Therefore, the question of how to make the lighting in the room is reduced to the correct choice of type and location of lighting fixtures.

# 4

If the room there is an aquarium, you can use it as a night lamp that will create a subdued light.You can use the platform of Plexiglas, planted under the bottom of the aquarium.In her need to build a grid of LEDs and connect them to a power source.If you think about how to make the lighting for the aquarium in a simpler way, it can be attached to the corners of its walls finished neon inserts, intended to decorate the computer system unit.

# 5

Thus, the process of creating the right light in the room is a very interesting and creative.He shows how to calculate pomescheniyatak lighting to light distribution was literate, thoughtful and pleasant to the eye