How to break the barrier of the apartment ?

How to break the barrier of the apartment ?
You will need:
  • Sledgehammer
  • Chisel
  • Hacksaw
  • screwdriver
  • Profile
  • GCR
# 1

Everyone strives to make your room comfortable and this carriesalterations to the apartment.In considering how to break down the wall between the rooms, you need to understand that you can not touch the support structure when removing walls.The process of the work begins with the preparation of the plan, which must be legalized.Next determined material previously used for the walls.If gypsum blocks, they will have to beat out using a sledgehammer, hammer, chisel and hacksaw with a large tooth.To remove the FCL, only need a screwdriver, through which you can unscrew the screws and disassemble the entire structure erected earlier.

# 2

After major repairs can be made a temporary division of the room.Curtains as a partition - this is the best option, which does not require any cash outlay.The work is done quite simply.First, you must measure the distance, and then on the walls near the ceiling should be fixed

metal tube in a horizontal position and hang her curtains.If you want to address the topic, how to divide the room by a partition of the GCR, it would require a number of building material.To do this you will need a profile 75mm x 50mm, 75mm x 40mm rails, drywall materials and components.The process of implementation of the work will take approximately three days and is performed as follows.Along the perimeter are fixed rails, after which they are inserted into the end portion of the profile and tightened together presshaybami.

# 3

Next fastened plasterboard, then puttied and painted.If you want to understand how to make a partition in the bath, then this will require water-resistant material.They can be GVL, LSU, DSP, or lining.The choice of construction materials is done the owner of property.After that is done crate of the above profiles and is used for finishing the chosen material.As for the dwelling, it is not always a large area.Wardrobe compartment as a partition - this is the best option, indicating both a single material can be wall and closet at the same time.First we need to determine the thickness of the wall, and then pick up the metal profile and assemble the structure.Next to sheathe its plasterboard, proshpaklevat and paint with acrylic paint.